Laura F.

Lost Over 25 pounds

I have been a classic yo-yo dieter. Losing weight and then putting it back on. I was inspired by Jillian's no-nonsense tactics, energy and passion. I have completed both Body Revolution, Body Shred and now I’ve moved onto Jillian's app. I have lost the weight I wanted, but even more importantly gained the confidence in myself. I never imagined I would be so happy with my workouts. Not only do they keep me physically fit, but more importantly mentally fit. I have never been a happier mom and wife. Thanks to Jillian for all that you have done for me! Sending lots of love!

Kelsey T.

Lost Over 100 pounds

I was 276 lb and not very happy with myself or how I looked. I have a family, a five-year-old at that to keep up with, and I knew if I didn't change it would get worse. I invested in Jillian Michaels programs and I have stuck with them for the past year. If it wasn't for Jillian Michaels I wouldn't have lost a hundred pounds as of today and I am so blessed to been able to workout with Jillian every single day. I can fit in my old clothes again I feel better about myself and going out with my family I don't feel so self-conscious about how I look. I've never felt this great and I can continue moving forward as I have been making myself a better person and building myself. One of my favorite sayings from Jillian is working out is not a future event it is a present activity. Thank you so much Jillian Michaels for all the help you have given me and my life back. Your workouts have also given me the endurance that I can run 5 miles everyday now. If you told me I could run 5 miles a year ago I would laugh, but now I see bigger things ahead and I know if I put my mind to it I can do it. Your workouts have pushed me. Thank you again. 276 to 176 :)

Sara B.

Lost Over 80 pounds

It all started when my friend gave me a Jillian Michaels workout. I decided to try it out and at first was cursing my friend because the workout was hard and I felt like I couldn't move by the time I was done! But I kept at it. I have since purchased multiple Jillian workouts and between these workouts and running I have lost over 80lbs and am still going! I feel like a completely different person, I am so much happier, before I was living with terrible back pain and now I have zero back pain issues and I owe it to Jillian. I used to be the lazy, funny fat girl but now I'm the up for any challenge, athletic girl...Well, I'm still funny too. Thank you so much, Jillian!

Erik B.

Lost Over 70 pounds

I hate the gym. Jillian’s my fitness app has literally transformed my mind body and soul. First of all, this app is not only for WOMEN!!! It is very transcendent and really empowers every aspect of your life. I’ve lost 70 lbs since May, 2017. Thanks Jillian!

Cortney D.

Lost Over 160 pounds

I lost my thyroid at age 17 to cancer. At the time I weighed 150 lbs. By my wedding at age 20 (in 2005) I weighed 185 lbs. By my divorce in 2010 I weighed a whopping 299 lbs!! Losing my thyroid had really messed me up. In 2007 I discovered your programs, and today I weigh 140 lbs! I look and feel SO much better! And look at my ABS!!! All it took was a clean diet and your programs!! Thank you so much!!


Lost Over 61 pounds

I went from 86 to 58 kgs with Jillian's programs. I lost over 61 lbs!


Lost Over 35 pounds

I realise that my story differs vastly from others, but either way you inspired me. I had both my feet reconstructed in 2010 due to a genetic defect that would cause me to lose the ability to walk later on in life. I was wheelchair bound and on crutches for a year, and had to do another full year of rehab to be able to walk properly again. I had lost all hope that I would ever be able to be strong and fit again. That is when one of my friends gifted me one of your workout programs. I suffered for months getting the hang of all of it. But I stuck with it...and I still stick with it. I was given your book "Making the Cut" for Christmas because my friends know how obsessed with you I am. With your inspiration I was able to push myself so train hard enough to become the South African Freediving woman's 2017 Champion and break 3 freediving records. I can't thank you enough for pushing me when no one else did.

Amanda H.

Lost Over 75 pounds

Hi my name is Amanda and I've lost over 75lbs. At my heaviest weight I was 245lbs and now I'm 169lbs. I've always been overweight until about 4 years ago I was done with feeling fat and unhealthy. I started to eat healthier and workout. I would try to run everyday and in the beginning it was a real struggle because when I would try to run my body would move so slow and I couldn't breathe well. Eventually I got better at running and started to lose weight. A few months into working out, my cousin introduced me into Jillian Michaels workout videos and that's when my real transformations began. I remember being so frustrated at not being able to do lunges with proper form and I would just continue on with the video. Eventually after doing Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones for a few weeks, I began to feel stronger and I was able to finish my set of lunges without having to stop and with proper form. After I could finish the whole workout of Jillian's I went on to more of Jillian's videos (killer buns and thighs, killer and, hard body, killer body and killer arms and back). All of her videos have been extremely effective by getting the body I wanted and becoming stronger. Thank you Jillian for being you!!


Lost Over 35 pounds

I truthfully have no idea where I would be without your videos. Since March, I am down 35 pounds. But more importantly, I have gained the mental happiness and stability I needed so badly. Your videos have guided me through my weight loss journey, giving me a reason to get up somedays and keep going during the darkest times in my life. I was able to get into nursing school with a 4.0, hold a job, while paying for everything on my own, and still lose the weight - thanks to you. I started becoming so unhealthy as a result of being sick, with something that no one to this day could figure out. I was on antibiotics (including steroids) constantly, and ALWAYS felt sick. I have extreme anxiety, which also led to problems with things such as heart palpitations and even times where I would nearly faint from the stress. Your videos put me in a completely different place. Slowly but surely, the health problems lessened as the weight came off. The anxiety that would once confine me to my bed, has almost gone unnoticeable from a day to day view. As mentioned, this was one of the darkest times in my life. Your videos gave me a way out. The love and admiration I feel for you as a person, and what you've done for me, my health, and my overall life is too much to even try to put into words. I now get messages a few times a week from girls asking me how I did it and how they can do it to, and of course, because it's what is deserved, I tell them all about YOU. Thank you Jillian, for saving me.

Michelle P.

Lost Over 125 pounds

I have struggled with PCOS my entire life. Every year my weight crept up until I found myself at 300lbs. My breaking point was when I hit 300lbs. I bounced around from endocrinologist to endocrinologist until I found one that was willing to help me. I was also diagnosed with hashimotos thyroid. Both conditions make it twice as hard to lose weight than others but I didn’t let it stop me. Jillian’s DVDs got me into my weight loss journey. The first day I did 30 day shred, level 1 I didn’t even make it through the workout. I thought I was going to either throw up or pass out in the shower that night. Big wake up call. I found her to be very motivating and inspirational and stuck with it. Now I am 125 lbs+ down and still going. I am now able to do her workouts on level 3 in conjunction with other activities. I am running 10k’s and able to work out for 2-3 hours at a time. Jillian woke the athlete in me. I follow her on Instagram along with other fitness celebrities, however she is my favorite because she keeps it real. I have hit a plateau and instead of letting it discourage me I have been watching her workouts online and trying them out for myself at the gym. Jillian has taught me that if I put in the work I will see results. I trust her methods completely and will continue to do her workouts and suggest them to others that want to change their lives!

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