Can Sappy Self-Help Mantras Ever Become A Reality?

“Just love yourself more.”

“You’re worth it.”

“Believe in yourself.” 

How many times have you heard one of these self-help mantras and thought, “That’s great, but HOW do I get to a place mentally where I truly believe these things and I’m not just saying them?” And that is the hard part. Figuring out the how to of getting into a headspace where you are prioritizing your mental and physical needs and making the appropriate amount of “you time” for quality of life.

The answer is simple, but not easy, and there are a definite series of steps. 

Four Proven Ways To Get Your Happy On

Remember that scene in Risky Business (God, I’m dating myself) where Tom Cruise says, “Sometimes you gotta say WTF…make your move.” How about this one from The Shining: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Yeah, that one was super creepy, but hopefully you get the point – sometimes you need to cut loose, take a break, step away for a bit, and just get your chill on. Or, your fun on, for that matter. 

Building Up Immunity Through Food

Although in my life I have managed to get sick during all seasons, there is definitely one in particular that is more nefarious. It’s the period of the year (depending on where you live) that is during winter. 

How To Start Your Fitness Journey Off Right

“Where or how do I begin?”

It’s one of the top fitness questions I get asked, and understandably so. Beginning any journey is intimidating, let alone one that is health and fitness related. But with the proper information and preparation it doesn’t have to be.  

The Perfect Pushup

The pushup is a classic functional exercise with a variety of benefits. It’s great for your chest, shoulders, triceps, core and even quads and lats when done right. You work many different muscle groups simultaneously with one move making it incredibly efficient and effective. 

A Balanced Life

How do you balance it all? Honest answer: badly. Yup. I said it. But it doesn’t have to be a “bad” thing. Hear me out…

So many of us are pulled in a million directions between work and family that we end up feeling frayed and depleted and in some cases, no matter how hard we work, balls drop. 

There are ways however to have it all and actually enjoy it, but first you need an attitude shift. Maria Shriver once said, “You have it all, just not at the same time.” I say, you can have it all, but you have to be okay with imperfection. Seriously.