Ryan Lill

Lost Over 98 pounds

Well, my name is Ryan Lill, and I’m a Singer/Songwriter from Charleston, SC. I’ve toured, released an album, and have even sung with some of the big names out there! I have always been a bigger guy - food has been every emotion for me, and let’s get real, being gay and being an artist, I have a lot of them. I have always admired Jillian, everything about her - her spirit, her way of raising people up, and her attitude that you WILL mess up, you WILL make mistakes, and that’s how you grow and learn. I’ve grown up watching her help thousands of people, and I always felt like if I could just get that help, I’d be golden. I’ve tried it all, every diet under the sun, every gym, class, shake, pill, you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve always been afraid of the gym, and felt uncomfortable with the eyes of those around me being glued to my struggle. Being in the music industry, you’re often judged on your appearance, and you have to be able to perform a show - and that’s hard when you’re over 300 pounds. At first I would do a few clips of workouts that she’s shared on social media, and even videos that I’d buy from the store. I have a collection of them now! My latest dvd that I’m using is the Ultimate Box Set with the body burn in it. At first I couldn’t keep up, I did the bare minimum and allowed myself to slow my movements so that I could do all of them, just in my own time. I’ve lost over 90lbs, and recently on the Ultimate Box Set, I’ve lost another 8! I love how unbelievably comfortable it is for me to get a ridiculously hard workout in the comfort of wherever I chose! I love how real she is, and how caring she is to the people who come to her for help. She’s amazing, and she’s helped me more then she knows. I’m inspired by Jillian, and I truly hope that I can reach my final goal weight, and be able to inspire others not just with my music, but with my story. I have a long way to go, but I’m proud of who I am, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come!

Kristen B.

Lost Over 50 pounds

As a college athlete, I was always active and in shape. After graduating, I continued to eat like an athlete and gained a significant amount of weight. A marriage, two kids, and a stressful job later, I was tipping the scales at almost 200lbs. In 2015, I lost my job and my eating really spiraled out of control and I started becoming sedentary. In 2017, I decided to focus on my self care and took advantage of the Mother’s Day promo and bought Jillian’s app. The workouts combined with the meal plan has helped me lose 50lbs in just 8 months! I have always enjoyed working out but could eat my way out of any of them. It’s true that abs are make in the kitchen! The combination of fresh workouts and easy, healthy recipes has put me at a weight I haven’t seen since high school! So happy I found Jillian’s app!

Alyssa D.

Lost Over 40 pounds

I gained 40 pounds due to a bad divorce and a drinking problem due to too much stress in the relationship. Jillian Michaels helped me focus and find myself again. I now feel alive and healthy and have made Jillian Michaels workouts a part of my lifestyle. I met a amazing guy and just had a beautiful baby girl. The before picture was taken a month before my divorce in 2015 and the after was taken 4 weeks after my baby girl was born.

Sarah H.

Lost Over 110 pounds

I began to struggle with my weight in my 20s when I became less active. Then at the birth of my first daughter I weighed my heaviest at 248. I fluctuated some and had my son two years later in January 2014. When he was 6 months old and I was about 200lbs a friend gave me the Body Revolution program. So I started that program. And after 90 days, I did it again and again. And then later I followed it with Jillian’s other workouts. In about a 9 month span of time I went down to 138 lbs! Since then I continue to exercise and eat right and have kept the weight off. Thank you Jillian! You changed my life.

Jessica S.

Lost Over 50 pounds

I went into the military in 2010, lost about 30lbs and came out lean and semi-strong. Got out in 2015 and from 2015 until February 2017, I gained 50lbs. I was depressed and in a miserable relationship that I ate my feelings. When we broke up I decided to make it a year of me. I was on IG and saw Jillian, and decided at random that I no longer would be a victim of my own mind and depression.

Julie B.

Lost Over 50 pounds

After 2 C-sections, I finally decided I couldn't call it "baby weight" anymore when my youngest was 10 years old! I am so thankful I found Jillian's workouts, it was the first time I stuck to something because they were actually achievable! I started looking forward to her kicking my ass every day because I felt myself getting stronger so fast! Thanks to Jillian, I've lost over 50 pounds and am healthier now than I was in high school!! Trust me, she knows what she's doing!!

Maria R.

Lost Over 40 pounds

I quit smoking 6 years ago and started to pack on weight. Before I knew it I had gained 40 lbs. I knew that I had to start making healthy decisions. I began to research eating clean and committing myself to daily exercise with the Jillian Michaels App. As soon as I changed my unhealthy eating habits and began to exercise daily, the pounds starting to shed ! I now lost 40 lbs and at 39 years old I can run 6 miles and a 5 minutes plank! Proud and fit mom of 2! I am going into 40 fit and full of energy! Thank you Jillian for all your amazing motivational quotes, challenges and fitness education!

Melissa D.

Lost Over 110 pounds

I have been on a weightloss journey for 2 years. After my 5 kids were born I had a lot of weight I needed to lose. I changed my way of eating completely and started working out. I started with Jillian Michaels workouts in December of 2015. I haven't quit since. I'm now down 110 pounds. Since last April I've been doing the various workouts on Body Shred and love the intensity of it. I will never look back. Thank you Jillian for making me see that I AM capable of anything I put my mind to and determination can overcome so much.

Laura F.

Lost Over 25 pounds

I have been a classic yo-yo dieter. Losing weight and then putting it back on. I was inspired by Jillian's no-nonsense tactics, energy and passion. I have completed both Body Revolution, Body Shred and now I’ve moved onto Jillian's app. I have lost the weight I wanted, but even more importantly gained the confidence in myself. I never imagined I would be so happy with my workouts. Not only do they keep me physically fit, but more importantly mentally fit. I have never been a happier mom and wife. Thanks to Jillian for all that you have done for me! Sending lots of love!

Kelsey T.

Lost Over 100 pounds

I was 276 lb and not very happy with myself or how I looked. I have a family, a five-year-old at that to keep up with, and I knew if I didn't change it would get worse. I invested in Jillian Michaels programs and I have stuck with them for the past year. If it wasn't for Jillian Michaels I wouldn't have lost a hundred pounds as of today and I am so blessed to been able to workout with Jillian every single day. I can fit in my old clothes again I feel better about myself and going out with my family I don't feel so self-conscious about how I look. I've never felt this great and I can continue moving forward as I have been making myself a better person and building myself. One of my favorite sayings from Jillian is working out is not a future event it is a present activity. Thank you so much Jillian Michaels for all the help you have given me and my life back. Your workouts have also given me the endurance that I can run 5 miles everyday now. If you told me I could run 5 miles a year ago I would laugh, but now I see bigger things ahead and I know if I put my mind to it I can do it. Your workouts have pushed me. Thank you again. 276 to 176 :)

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