Michelle P.

Lost Over 125 Pounds

I have struggled with PCOS my entire life. Every year my weight crept up until I found myself at 300lbs. My breaking point was when I hit 300lbs. I bounced around from endocrinologist to endocrinologist until I found one that was willing to help me. I was also diagnosed with hashimotos thyroid. Both conditions make it twice as hard to lose weight than others but I didn’t let it stop me. Jillian’s DVDs got me into my weight loss journey. The first day I did 30 day shred, level 1 I didn’t even make it through the workout. I thought I was going to either throw up or pass out in the shower that night. Big wake up call. I found her to be very motivating and inspirational and stuck with it. Now I am 125 lbs+ down and still going. I am now able to do her workouts on level 3 in conjunction with other activities. I am running 10k’s and able to work out for 2-3 hours at a time. Jillian woke the athlete in me. I follow her on Instagram along with other fitness celebrities, however she is my favorite because she keeps it real. I have hit a plateau and instead of letting it discourage me I have been watching her workouts online and trying them out for myself at the gym. Jillian has taught me that if I put in the work I will see results. I trust her methods completely and will continue to do her workouts and suggest them to others that want to change their lives!

Alyssa R.

Lost Over 50 Pounds

After three kids there was lots of baby weight. I started running and doing Jillians DVD’s religously and lost over 50lbs.

Melody K.

Lost Over 50 Pounds

I have always struggled with my baby weight after having two kids. After starting a weight program and eating clean was able to lose 50 lbs and keep it off!

Nikki B

Lost Over 75 Pounds

I originally focused on nutrition and lost 60 lbs in 8 months. Then I decided to start with 30 Day Shred to tighten and tone. I cycled through it for 5 months, increasing intensity and weights as I could. Most recently, I switched to extreme shed and shred which I have finished level 1 for 1 month and am currently on day 2 of level 2. I love Jillian Michaels workouts!! My results are amazing!

Sonia L.

Lost Over 40 Pounds

I was always a biggish girl, and I was in a not great relationship since I was 17 until I was 28. To cope with every problem, I ate.. mostly chocolate on top of everything. No breakfasts nor lunch.. sometimes just sweets all day long. I met the best guy when I was 29. He is loving and caring, he loved me as big as I was. But I was unhappy in my skin for a long time. I felt like a whale. 2 years ago my good friend showed me Jillian and 30 Day Shred. That night I came home and started to work out and I have never looked back. I have all Jillian's books and dvd and have changed my diet completely.. In the last 30 days, I cut out all artificial sugar and in 5 weeks we're getting married. I love my body now. I love the way of living, meal preps, and work outs. Thank you Jillian. You showed me new way of life and most important you showed me how to lose weight. I tried few times in my past but nothing ever worked. Thank you!

Valerie B.

Lost Over 34 Pounds

My Jillian Journey started by accident. I was in a thrift store perusing the DVD's when Ripped in 30 caught my eye. 30 minute workouts? I was intrigued and bought it, followed by weights a few days later. Previous to Jillian, I was tipping the scales at my heaviest weight of 181 pounds. It wasn't that I wasn't exercising- I was training for a half marathon yet could not seem to shed a pound! I think it was a combination of working a desk job, not always making the wisest food choices and only doing cardio workouts. Fast forward back to that fateful thrift store day, my life was in transition. I moved from TN back home to IL for a new (more active) job, and was temporarily living with my parents while my boyfriend searched for a job in IL. I was commuting 4 hours round trip a day so a 30 minute workout seemed feasible. My new job helped me lose a few pounds, but I was ready to commit and do more. I started with Ripped in 30, just completed Bodyshred, and am now working on Six Week Six Pack. I realized that my body responds extremely well to her HIIT training with weights! I have lost inches and pounds while gaining strength and toned muscles. I am currently 147 pounds and working on fine tuning and maintaining. I will be 35 in 3 months and am in the best shape of my life! I am so thankful for Jillian for making working out fun and feasible with a hectic schedule. No matter your fitness goals, Jillian can help you make it happen!!

Sumedha V.

Lost Over 48 Pounds

Today I am here to share my one year weight loss journey with all of you...I started my weight loss journey in May 2016 with 82 KG. I started walking for a month and then held the hand of the love of my life "Jillian Michaels " She is my Life changer.. 😊 With clean eating and portion control and working out for 90 min., I lost 22 KG.. YES.. now I m 60 KG with height of 5'5". I did almost all of her work out DVDs. My first work out was 30 day shred and now I am using her new Jillian Michaels App. All her workouts are the full package of cardio, strength training, and Abs- but her new App is amazing! For food related, I didn't follow any specific diet but ate home cooked vegetarian food. I also added lots of fruits and veggies in my diet and cut the sugar, rice, fried and oily food. Her work outs and clean eating helped me to achieve my target weight and dream body. My weight dropped from 82 kg to 60 kg, my dress size has been dropped from XL to XS and pant size dropped to US 14 to US 4. I was never so fit but she made me confident and strong. Thanks Jillian for this tremendous changè in my life and making me a new ME...Love you loads..


Lost Over 50 Pounds

Here I am hiding behind a chair and a huge purse in the before picture. I felt awful about myself! 3 years ago I started on a fitness journey and have never looked back. With Jillian, I lost over 50 pounds! And that wasn't even baby weight from my kids. I had lost all the baby weight after my 2 children but I was still 50 pounds overweight. I lost it all and have gained so much muscle with Jillians programs. I work out daily and follow a clean diet. I'm super strict! I have never felt better! Thank you so much Jillian!

Niki A.

Lost Over 150 Pounds

I'm a mother of 3 energetic boys who always puts them first like any mother would do.. but by doing that by myself I gained so much weight... Aug. 2016 I decided I need to do me so I played the Wii U biggest loser game and I bought 3 of your dvds and got to work.. 13 months later I'm down close to 150 pounds ..

Carrie H.

Lost Over 45 Pounds

9 months pregnant (45lb weight gain) and 6 months postpartum after 3 kids (pre-pregnancy weight) All thanks to Jillian!

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