Erika M. Lost Over 40 pounds

Hi! I’m 32 years old and after the birth of my 4th baby in 2016 I made a decision to better my health, mentally physically and emotionally. I perused a course in holistic nutrition, took the knowledge I learned, my huge collection of Jillian Michaels and transformed my life completely. I’ve had some hard times in the past and always let them get to my heart mind and body but I have learned to overcome that helplessness, harness it and use it to continue my journey to the best me possible. I have introduced yoga to my four kids who love it. I have never felt better in my 32 years and can proudly say it has made me better mother, wife and person. I am proud of my progress and never let my setbacks challenges ever haunt my progress or future! All of my works outs have been the entire Jillian Michaels collection and a yoga app. It’s truly changed my life, my families lives and I will continue to spread awareness that self-care is not selfish, it is imperative!

Fay R. Lost Over 125 pounds

I'm a 31 yr old single mom of 3 kids. I have always been considered overweight ever since I was a child. My childhood wasn't a happy one to say the least. Depression & anxiety was something that I developed early in life. One person that I was able to relate to was Jillian Michaels because like myself she was overweight. I was subjected to a lot of bullying & ridicule. I never had a lot of self-esteem much less self-respect & it got worse as I got older. At my heaviest & my most depressed, I just had my twins, I lost my sister yr-&-a-half prior to murder. I was 305 lbs, a size 3XL-24. All it takes is just one day to make the decision that you don't want to be like this anymore. That's exactly what I did. First I made small alterations like I wouldn't eat after a certain time. Then I began to jog on a treadmill for an hour. After that I started Zumba / Polango classes. Then I moved to weightlifting / kickboxing classes. 2 yrs later I have lost 125 lbs, I'm a size M-11. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be in a size like this. When I first started my journey my goal was to be in a 14. When I didn't even know what that size is. Or if I would even make it there. Not only did I meet that goal, I surpassed it. I am also a fit dance instructor. My new goals now are to help people that were the way I used to be. Even if I only help 1 person that will satisfy me.

Rachael F. Lost Over 40 pounds

I’ve always been a bigger girl than all my friends. I grew up chubby and was bullied because of the way I looked at school. When I hit my teens, I then enrolled in one extreme diet after another. I remember eating nothing but rice cakes , then living off less than 500cals a day. Then that is when I sadly developed the eating disorder bulimia... a battle that I then lived with ever since. As I hit my 20s I seem to be able to control my weight by being a member of WW then slimming world. I spent my life on the scales! It was all about the numbers (another unhealthy obsession/disorder). I had my 3 children over the space of 7 years and I knew I had to begin to set a good example of heathy eating and exercise. I rejoined slimming world in 2017 and steadily lost weight by cooking good meals for myself my husband and my children. Then in 2018 I knew I needed something else in my life to keep me focused and to start to tone up the wobbly bits left from my weight loss and my 3 big babies ! (8, 9 & 10lbs!!) that’s when somehow on Facebook I came across Jillian. I’d never really watched the Biggest Loser but I saw the pictures and liked the way this lady looked! I bought a combo dvd with 30Day Shred, 6 week 6 pack, NMTZ & BFBM and off I started. I remember those first workouts absolutely killing me but the buzz I felt after completing each one was a feeling like no other. Ive spent the last 16 months working out and I do not plan to stop.l! Thank you Jillian xxx

Karin K. Lost Over 37 pounds

I’ve always been on the slim side but never worked out. After I had my first child I was stuck with 25 pounds. By chance, I read about the 30 Day Shred online and pushed through the 30 days and was absolutely thrilled by the results and Jillian. After 1,5 years of working out I was in the best shape of my life but also pregnant again. I gained 55 pounds and was left with 33 at 8 weeks postpartum. That’s when I started working out again. I eased in with Hot Body Healthy Mummy and now 15 months later I’m in even better shape that I was before my 2nd pregnancy. I’m so much stronger physically and mentally and also leaner. I’m so grateful to Jillian and her workouts. I got all the DVDs and the app and absolutely love both! Thank you so much Jillian! ❤️😍💪

Becki W. Lost Over 90 pounds

I had always been an overweight child, I grew up being the fat kid, the one with little to no self esteem. I always thought that's just who I was and there was nothing I could do to change it. Then I started watching biggest loser when I was in high school and realized it's never too late to take a chance and make change. It wasn't until after having my first child at 19 that I became very self aware about my weight that had skyrocketed higher than ever to 220 pounds. I wanted to play with my kids and run around without being out of breath, I wanted to be a good influence to them, and live a healthy lifestyle. I finally found the motivation inside of me with the help of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, to kick it in gear and shred the pounds. I started doing her workout videos every day and following her meal plan step by step. I was down 20 pounds in the first couple of weeks and there was no turning back after that! I continued working out with several different Jillian Michaels videos including Ripped in 30 and Bodyshred and lost a total of 90 pounds in 9 months. It has been over 10 years since I started my journey with Jillian Michaels, being that overweight kid watching her on biggest loser, and I still use her DVDs to help keep the weight off. It's a lifestyle that Jillian helps prepare you for and builds your confidence to make you always keeps you coming back for more. If I can do it anybody can!

Niki Lost Over 65 pounds

I lost a total of 65 lbs using My Fitness app. I had gotten out of a bad relationship and I decided it was time to focus solely on myself. I had become comfortable like we all do and gained some excess weight. I teach martial arts as well and I wanted to look the part. No one wants a out of shape instructor. The beginning was hard because I wasn’t in good shape. As I progressed with the workouts they became easier. It was hard for me to get out of my comfort zone. I didn’t use any of the meal plans that are on the app. I began eating clean, no processed foods, no fast food and just making sure whatever I put into my body was fuel to help me succeed.I started with Slim 60, then I moved Banging Bikini Body, followed by Sexy Abs, followed by Beautiful Cack Chest & Arms. After all those programs I jumped into the gauntlet and did 55 days. I’m currently doing the Bodyshred dvd on the app. One piece of advice I would share with other app members is to stay motivated, find a good support system, and be consistent even if you feel like you aren’t seeing results immediately.

Samantha J. Lost Over 70 pounds

1. Tell us about what prompted your decision to make a change and take control of your life? I’ve struggled most of my life with my weight. I was the biggest I’ve ever been after my last child. The last month of my pregnancy I made a promise to myself that after I had my daughter I was going to lose this weight and be healthy. My husband is a breakdancer. He works out and practices all the time. His dedication really inspired me to make a change in myself. I knew that only I could make that change. I weighed 210 pounds at my 6 week appointment. When I was cleared by my doctor I started Jillian workouts. 2. What has been the hardest part? The hardest part for me has been doing my workouts around my kids schedule. I have 5 kids. (Three biological and 2 step) they keep me pretty busy but I always make time for my workout. I want my kids to see that nothing is impossible. 3. What are you most proud of? Through all the Jillian’s workouts, all the times I felt like I couldn’t do it, i’m proud that I push myself. I had a goal and for the first time in my life I made that goal a reality. After a year and a half. I now weigh 140 pounds. 4. What piece of advice would you share with other app members? You can do it! Even when you feel like it’s hard keep pushing. It’s worth it I promise. 5. What programs did you follow? Workouts / meal plan? The first workout I ever did was Beginner Shred. I fell in love with working out after I finished the 30 day program. Then I did Ripped in 30. I’m currently on Slim 60, it's one of my favorites! I started with 1200 to 1400 calorie diet. I make sure to always have fruit and veggies in my daily diet. 6. What fitness goals do you want to accomplish next!? My next goal is to tone up more of my body and maintain my weight loss.

Michelle B. Lost Over 100 pounds

December 27, 2018 I woke up and looked and the mirror and there she was again. The fat me. I have gained and lost so much weight my entire life. I put on my too tight workout clothes and started doing Jillian workouts that morning. I absolutely love Jillian Michaels. Her way of training really motivates me. Yes, she's tough, but there is such an inspiring and motivating side to her that lets you know she really cares and wants you to succeed. I've tried other trainers, but Jillian's workouts really shape my body. The combination of weights and cardio just works. I started to feel stronger and was eating better determined to make healthy life changes. I lost 100 lbs in 10 months working out with Jillian Monday through Friday. She is a part of my life. At age 51 I feel healthy, strong, and amazing! Thanks Jillian!!!

Ashley W. Lost Over 120 pounds

I started out at 276.8 pounds, I would use jokes and humor to make everyone laugh, it was how I coped with the hate inside I had for myself. I began to lose weight a little at a time ( 30/40 pounds) by cutting out sodas/ unhealthy foods. I did the TIU tour, met Jillian and found out about her app and now I’m down 120 pounds! My wife and I work out with the App 6 days a week at 5 am before our kids wake up. Thank you Jillian, you motivated me more than you will ever know. I love myself more than ever.

Jade M. Lost Over 84 pounds

Ten months ago I bought the 30 day shred and thought I would give it ago. I started off 3 days a week on level one and really enjoyed it! I normally hate working out but it was so quick and fun I didn’t mind, I then stepped up to level 2 and was doing it 6 days a week. I noticed I started to see results quickly and after switching to a healthy diet and running combined with the dvd. I’m now 84lbs down ten months later and still loving the workout. It’s so quick to do I get up every morning and do it before school run and work etc.