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Going Vegan - What You Should Know

I have heard many a registered dietician refer to a vegan as a carbitarian– simply because of many individuals make this lifestyle choice based on ethics and not necessarily nutrition. Therefore they don’t have all the tools they need to pursue this diet in the healthiest way possible. 

MYTH: Never Eat Before a Workout

A big fitness myth that has been floating around forever is that working out on an empty stomach will help you burn more fat. But this has been proven totally untrue. Find out the facts!

The Truth: You should always eat something before exercising so your body has enough fuel to power through your workout.

MYTH: Egg Yolks Are Bad For You

Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse, but for a while, egg yolks have been demonized in the health-food industry as causing blood-cholesterol levels to skyrocket. Is it true? It's time to set the story straight on the nutritional benefits of an egg.

The Truth: Not only are eggs a fantastic source of lean protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, but they contain some pretty important nutrients.

MYTH: If You Want To Slim Down, Go Gluten-Free

Whole grains are part of a healthy, balanced diet, but thanks to all of the hype around gluten-free foods many believe going "g-free" can help shed some extra pounds. Let's take a look at the facts and see if this is a new diet fad bandwagon worth jumping on and shelling out the big bucks for.

Bake the Ultimate (Healthy) Brownie

Trust me, I know there will be times when you are going to crave some of that ooey, gooey chocolately stuff. So, instead of getting personal with the office vending machine, whip up a batch of these amazing, indulgent, moist fudge brownies. Not only will they be the perfect answer to that cocoa craving, you won't be left with that bitter aftertaste of guilt for derailing your daily calorie limit. So, go ahead and treat yourself. You deserve it!

Fudge Brownie

6 Tips to Help You Curb Snacking

When it comes to snacks, they can make or break your diet. Snack smart, and you'll keep hunger at bay and fuel your body. Snack wrong, and you can blow hundreds of calories without realizing it. These tips and good snacking habits can keep you smiling on the scale!

6 Foods to Make Your Metabolism Work for You

Processed foods filled with chemicals and calories are not going to help you reach your weight-loss goals. Fitness and health expert Jillian Michaels outlines the 5 power nutrients you should include in your daily diet.