Secrets of Burning Belly Fat

One would hope this stuff would not be so secret anymore, but the amount of misinformation I see these days is staggering. So, let’s discuss exactly how you go about getting the elusive “six pack” or a super sexy flat tummy.

First, let’s dispel some very old misconceptions:

Number 1 Weight Loss Mistake

Carbs, protein, or fats alone aren’t making you gain weight. Find out why and what to focus on instead if you’re trying to drop pounds.

Best Foods to Combat Stress

Avoiding stress is virtually impossible, but we can employ incredibly effective strategies to fend off its effects – and your diet is top of the list.

How to Become a Runner!

Whether you are running a 5k on your off lifting days, running sprints for a quick HIIT workout, or running a marathon because it’s on your bucket list, read my blog for simple tips to help you become the best runner you can be.