My Supplement Regimen

Wed, 04/25/2018 - 13:16

I know we talk about supplements a lot and I must admit that I’m always looking for an extra edge in life and I personally feel that supplements help me get it. Now, this blog is about MY regimen. Before you do or start anything involving supplements be sure to consult with your doctor as many different vitamins, minerals, or bioceuticals in general can interfere with medications you may have been prescribed.

First, off – if you aren’t planning on investing in top quality supplements do not bother. Flat out. For example, a crappy multi vitamin is like McDonalds and a high quality vitamin is like a grass fed piece of skirt steak. Night and day.

Second, yes I wish that we could get all our nutrients from our food, but it’s difficult to eat a diet filled with so much variety, and in many cases our soil is depleted so the foods don’t have as many nutrients as would be considered ideal.

Third, when it comes to supplements, more is not more. It’s about balance. So don’t think that if 1000mg of vitamin C is good 4000mg must be better.

Let's begin. First thing in the morning with breakfast – unless I am having something with organic yogurt – I take a probiotic. Personally I like Healthy Trinity, but there are other great brands out there. Bio K is also a good one. Then I take really clean fish and krill oil. I alternate both every other day. Only because I have yet to read conclusive evidence on which is better. So I figure I am killing two birds by alternating between the two. It’s important again, that your brand checks out because some fish oils can crap. If when you freeze the supplement it turns cloudy you need a different brand. I like Barleans, Ultimate Omega, and Omega Max.

Then I put a blend of Green Superfood Powder** and Multi Collagen** in my alkaline water (I invested in a brand called Aqua Hydrate that I use). 

Later in the day I take a single organic multi vitamin for woman with lunch as a catch all for any mineral or nutrient deficiencies I may get from not eating enough variety.

Mid afternoon, before I train, I have my second cup of organic cold brew coffee and I mix a mushroom adaptogen blend (reishi, cordyceps, lions mane, turkey tail) in with turmeric powder.

And last, at night I take a thyroid support product from Dr. Axe that has fermented ashwagandha, spirulina, blue green algea, chlorella, and shitake mushroom.

On the days I work out really hard I take one packet of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C in a shot of OJ to speed my recovery and combat free radicals from intense training sessions.

My goal with these supplements is to make sure that I am getting my basics: digestive enzymes, super foods, pre and pro biotics, vitamins and minerals, collagen for the health of my connective tissue, and healthy fats.

For me, this is a lifestyle. I don’t always stick to it perfectly, but I try and when I do I notice a HUGE difference. So, currently that’s what I take. I also try to work super foods into my actual meals – like chia seeds, hemp seeds, moquai berries, ginger tea etc.

Remember to check with your doctor before trying any new supplement!


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