Jillian’s Favorite Fitness Things!

Wed, 12/01/2021 - 06:26

1. The Fitness App Membership $14.99 / $34.99 / $119.99 - Of course a membership to the Fitness App is always a tremendous way to kick off the new year! Give the gift of personalized workout programs, custom meal plans, meditation, sleep support, expert coaching and so much more!

2. Theragun Prime $299 - This isn’t a cheap one, but it’s super helpful in aiding with recovery and improving mobility!

3. Cubii JR2 Seated Underdesk Elliptical $289 - This under the desk exerciser can help add a little activity and circulation while you are forced to sit at your desk. It doesn’t take the place of a workout, but every little bit of activity counts and adds up over time!

4. Neuro Gum $21 - Nootropic gum to help with focus and clarity. Containing caffeine, theanine, vitamin b12, vitamin b6.

5. Alaya Naturals Advanced Synbiotic $34.99 - I love all the Alaya products as you guys likely know, but their new synbiotic product is unparalleled. With a powerful blend of human resident strain microbes, this supplement will help you with everything from improved gut health and immunity to glowing skin, and improved cognitive function. It’s my daily go-to.

6. Woo Coconut Love Oil $25 - Sex can burn calories right? And we know it’s great for your health so… this is my absolute go to lube and here is why… it works great and has no nasty ingredients in it! I think if I go on here it will be TMI so just trust me and check it out for yourself!

7. Bow Flex Adjustable Dumbbells $299 - I’m the queen of bodyweight and free weight training so having an adjustable pair of dumbbells is key for me when it comes to at-home fitness. This pair is one of the more affordable out there!

8. TENS 7000 Digital Unit $33 - This is a great way to manage neck and back pain.

9. Pet Life Pyure Handheld Doggie Water Bottle and Dish $19.99 - If you like to get outdoors with your pooch this is a great way to keep water for them! I use it constantly. It’s convenient and the dogs love it.

10. Apple Watch Series 7 $399 - I know this is not new news, but I just find it to be the most efficient tracker to date. It has everything I need when training from my music, to GPS, to getting my texts – I don’t have to carry around my phone when training. It tracks my calories burned, activity and more. And it syncs with The Fitness App! What could be better. You can get this one for only $399 at Target.

11. Fawn Lily Botanica Serum Of The Month Club $32 - This is a tiny little company run by a very passionate botanist who specializes in clean beauty. Her serum of the month club is to die for. Every month, they create an exclusive facial serum available only by pre-order and subscription!* These unique and creative combinations are specially formulated to correspond with each month since our skin's needs can change throughout the year. Formulated and handcrafted by Irene (Fawn Lily Botanica's owner + maker). This is a perfect (and fun!) way to try new ingredients, new formulas, and conveniently receive a new serum which was custom-made for the season at your doorstep!

12. Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint $29 - This product has no nasty chemicals and it gives me a sun kissed look without ever exposing myself to harmful uv rays! Love it!

13. Arcona Triad Refresh Pads $33 - I don’t know about you, but if I don’t clean the sweat off my face after I train I break out – 100% guaranteed. So I just carry these bad boys with me to use after the gym and it keeps my skin clean and clear – breakout free.

14. Sabre Pepper Spray Keychain $19.99 - Sorry to be a bit of a killjoy here, but better safe than sorry. For those of you that love training outdoors, jogging at night, hiking in remote places this pepper spray is a key chain that sprays up to 10 feet.

15. NutriBullet $98 - An oldie but a goodie. Quick and easy protein shakes and smoothies are never going out of style. So check out this little tool to help you make your healthy breakfasts and snacks in seconds.