Jillian’s Favorite Fitness Things!

Thu, 12/01/2022 - 06:26

1. The Fitness App Membership - Of course a membership to the Fitness App is always a tremendous way to kick off the new year! Give the gift of personalized workout programs, custom meal plans, meditation, sleep support, expert coaching and so much more!

2. Oway Organics. I learned about this one from my top notch hair stylist. They make the most luxurious clean beauty products. All ethically sourced and produced. The moisturizing hair mask is to die for. Smells amazing and your hair will love your for it. 

3. Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill. This bad boy is amazing for people with a standing desk! Walk and work at the same time! Compact, affordable, and effective!

4. Alaya Naturals Organic Supplement starter pack! You guys know this company is my go-to for all supplement needs. They are family owned and operated. Their ingredients are top quality, ethically sourced and organic wherever applicable. Their starter pack has everything you need to give the gift of health and start the new year out right. It includes: multi collagen peptides with msm glucosamine chondroitin, krill oil omega 3’s, organic greens with adaptogens, and a synbiotic (top quality human resident strain probiotics with prebiotics).

5. Woo Coconut Love Oil - Sex can burn calories right? And we know it’s great for your health so… this is my absolute go to lube and here is why… it works great and has no nasty ingredients in it! I think if I go on here it will be TMI so just trust me and check it out for yourself!

6. Body Back Glacier Ball - Cryosphere Therapy Massage Roller Ball. Forget foam rolling, this bad boy takes myofascial release to the next level. It’s a free rolling ice cold ball to roll out sore muscles while providing cold therapy treatment at the same time! 

7. RENPHO Smart Jump Rope. I love jump rope for a great at-home HIIT workout and this High-Speed Jump Rope counts your jumps for you! It has APP Data Analysis to track all your time, jumps, and cals burned!  

8. Outward Hound, Lightweight Dog Backpack, Hiking Gear for Dogs. Get healthy with your pooch! This awesome pooch backpack is lightweight and perfect to hold a pup water dish, keys, your wallet and more!

9. iTOUCH Wearables smartwatches and health trackers. While I love the apple watch, who has hundreds of dollars to spare 😬? This company gives you the exact same tech with an equally excellent aesthetic for a fraction of the price!

10. Fawn Lily Botanica Serum Of The Month Club - This is a tiny little company run by a very passionate botanist who specializes in clean beauty. Her serum of the month club is to die for. Every month, they create an exclusive facial serum available only by pre-order and subscription!* These unique and creative combinations are specially formulated to correspond with each month since our skin's needs can change throughout the year. Formulated and handcrafted by Irene (Fawn Lily Botanica's owner + maker). This is a perfect (and fun!) way to try new ingredients, new formulas, and conveniently receive a new serum which was custom-made for the season at your doorstep!

11. LED red light therapy device - Red light therapy is all the rage these days. It can help with everything from muscle soreness to collagen production and research even suggests it can slow macular degeneration! This is the one I use and it’s super affordable!

12. Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Candle - Natural, sustainable, cruelty-free candles that will light up your life! No parafin, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, toluene, benzene, or acetone!

13. ILIA Super serum tinted sunblock! I actually love all the products in this line! They are all about clean skin centric beauty.  Check them out! 

14. NutriBullet - An oldie but a goodie. Quick and easy protein shakes and smoothies are never going out of style. So check out this little tool to help you make your healthy breakfasts and snacks in seconds.