30 Strong Challenge

Fri, 12/17/2021 - 14:49

30 Strong is a strict immersive 30 day mind body challenge designed to:

  • Restore Your Nutrition (Rebalance hormones. Improve Gut Health.)
  • Reboot Your Fitness
  • Reset Your Mind

Benefits include: Reduced Body Fat. Rebalance Hormones. Better Gut Health and Digestion. Improved strength and endurance. Increased Energy and Mental Focus. Improved Immunity. Healthier Hair Skin And Nails. 

Nutrition Rules


  • No Alcohol
  • No Beverages Other Than Water, Unsweetened Teas, Unsweetened Organic Coffee (Milks can be used in meals)
  • No White Flour Products (whole grains are fine)
  • No Refined Sugar (if sugar is lingering in a product it’s ok, but no cakes, cookies, candy, ice cream etc.)
  • No Processed Salty Snacks (Air Popped Popcorn, Organic Blue Corn Chips and Organic seeded crackers in moderation are ok)
  • No Grazing or Snacking Throughout The Day (there is one scheduled snack)

Do :

  • Drink 60oz of water a day
  • Create a minimum 12 hour overnight fast
  • Strongly Consider Following One of The Following Fitness App Meal Plans:
    • Omnivore
    • 30 Day Keto Reset
    • 6 Keys
    • Vegetarian
    • Paleo / Gluten Free
    • Pescatarian
    • All these plans will work perfectly.  All adhere to the core principles of the 30 Strong Program. The differences in each simply accommodate the individuals personal food preferences.
  • Count Calories – The Fitness App Meal Plans will establish this for you automatically based on whether you set your goal to Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, or Muscle Gain Muscle.
  • Eat 4 Meals A Day – Eat Every 3 to 4 hours – (Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Eat Clean Quality Protein, Fats, And Carbs in each meal
    • Protein: Chicken Breast, Grass Fed Beef, Wild Caught Fish, Shrimp, Eggs, Organic Yogurt
    • Complex Carbs (Beans, Legumes, Non-Starchy Vegetables, Fruit, Whole Grains)
    • Healthy Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated Fats (nuts, seeds, cold water fish, avocado, olive oil)
  • Eat Unlimited Non-Starchy Green Vegetables
  • Incorporate Fermented Foods Often (Kefir, Plain Organic Yogurt, Miso, Kimchi)
  • Consider Supplementation – (Organic Green Superfood Powder, Human Resident Strain Synbiotic, Krill Oil)

Fitness Rules


  • Train Every Day
  • Train Over 6 Hours Intensely a Week
  • Train the Same Muscle Group More Than Twice a Week
  • Skip Warm Up and/or Cool Down


  • Follow the 30 Strong Fitness Program in App (4 Strength & Mobility Days, 1 HIIT Day, 2 Rest Days)
  • Foam Roll After Every Strength Workout (Use Foam Roll Program in The Fitness App Workout Generator)
  • Feel Free to Add Light Recovery Activity (walking, casual biking, swimming, hiking)

Lifestyle Rules


  • Smoke
  • Do Drugs Of Any Kind Unless Prescribed By A Doctor


  • Prioritize Sleep and get 7 to 8 Hours a night
  • Follow The Fitness App 30 Strong Breathing Exercise / Meditation Program Daily
  • Follow The Wim Hof Cold Shower Regimen:
    • Week 1 -  :30 Second Cold Shower Daily
    • Week 2 -  1:00 Minute Cold Shower Daily
    • Week 3 -  1:30 Cold Shower Daily
    • Week 4 -  2:00 Cold Shower Daily