Spring Glow Up Challenge

Thu, 05/04/2023 - 08:44

Spring is here… hallelujah! Warmer weather, sunshine, less clothing, outdoor activities… make that better?! And if you are anything like me you are ready to come out of hibernation and jump into gear this time of year. So, it’s time for The Fitness App’s Spring Glow Up Challenge. 28 days of simple, straightforward fitness and with quick and easy mindfulness to help you get energized, restored, and feeling great!

There’s no equipment needed, and The Fitness App has options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes so fear not… no matter what you need or where you are at… we got you. If you’re not already subscribed to The Fitness App, start a free 7-day trial now to join the challenge.


The Daily Ten Workout! This consists of the most effective bodyweight exercises that are accessible to people of every fitness level! And they can be done anyplace anywhere with no equipment needed. 

Yoga. You will be doing yoga to help with core strength, coordination, flexibility and strength (mobility). 

Active recovery. This comes in with stretching, recovery “jogs or walks”, and restorative mediations made simple. 
Of course with everything The Fitness App you have access to our community for support, me for coaching, sleep programs from our foremost expert, Jim Donovan, and wide variety of meal plans tailored to meet all your nutrition preferences and needs!

Also, I highly recommend supplementing to support your body. Check out Alaya Naturals Foundation bundle for full-body, everyday wellness.
The challenge starts May 1st and is for the month of May and June only. Start whenever it's convenient for you. On May 1st you’ll see a program called Spring Glow Up Challenge on the Workouts tab of the app. Just start your first workout to join! If you don’t see the challenge, make sure your app is updated. Joining the challenge won’t change any programs you’re already participating in so you can do both or take a break from your normal plan and start where you left off after the challenge is over.

I love seeing how much you love these challenges so make sure to post progress photos on Instagram and tag @thefitnessapp!