Erika M.

Erika M.'s Amazing Transformation

Hi! I’m 32 years old and after the birth of my 4th baby in 2016 I made a decision to better my health, mentally physically and emotionally. I perused a course in holistic nutrition, took the knowledge I learned, my huge collection of Jillian Michaels and transformed my life completely. I’ve had some hard times in the past and always let them get to my heart mind and body but I have learned to overcome that helplessness, harness it and use it to continue my journey to the best me possible. I have introduced yoga to my four kids who love it. I have never felt better in my 32 years and can proudly say it has made me better mother, wife and person. I am proud of my progress and never let my setbacks challenges ever haunt my progress or future! All of my works outs have been the entire Jillian Michaels collection and a yoga app. It’s truly changed my life, my families lives and I will continue to spread awareness that self-care is not selfish, it is imperative!

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Erika M.
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