8 Weight-Loss Secrets You Should Know

Sat, 06/03/2017 - 11:57

Committing to living a healthier lifestyle is tough...and rest assured you will face challenges every single day. When times get tough, consult this list of tried-and-true tips from Jillian's members who have been there, done that, and succeeded - along with some additional feedback from me.

Tip #1 and #2: Get Motivated!
"The first thing that is necessary is to stay positive and get rid of all the negative thinking. I hung up affirmations on my bathroom mirror to look at as reminders."— Fit4Life2012

"You have to ask yourself why you want to lose weight. If it is for a short term reason (i.e. a wedding, a reunion, etc.), what is going to keep the weight off long term?" — NutritionSeeker

Jillian Adds: These are such great tips that are applicable to everyone. If you're not into daily affirmations, consider posting a picture of when you looked your BEST on your fridge to stop you from late-night snacking. Short-term goals are great, but you definitely need to think long term as well, think big picture — your daughter's wedding or a high school reunion, don't you want to look your best for those events whenever they actually happen?

Tip #3: Get Perspective!
"Too many times we concentrate on that one number on the scale. We don't pay attention to the subtle changes that are happening to our bodies: Our waists becoming more narrow, stomachs getting flatter, arms toning, and hips getting smaller. If you are doing the circuits, eating within limits, and keeping your cardio up, you will be in better shape and your clothes will fit you better. Keep working at it and eventually pounds will drop." — Valerie0118

Jillian Adds: Valerie0118 raises some really great points — so jot these down, buddy! Do not fixate on the scale. Yes, the number is a reflection of all of the hard work you've been doing on your body, but it's important to also take into account how you look and feel. Are your clothes fitting you better? Do you have more energy? These are important effects too!

Tip #4: Get Focused!
"For me, staying focused is pretty simple. Not always easy, but I read healthy things, I study health, nutrition, and fitness. The websites I visit are "healthy" and I use social networking sites like Facebook to connect with other members for additional support. I do not visit gossip sites to see what Brad and Angie are up to. I focus on ME instead!" — Motivated Mountain Queen

Jillian Adds: Right on, Motivated Mountain Queen. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is all about keeping your focus. It's easy to fall off of the wagon and start feeling unmotivated, but the best way to stick with the program is to concentrate on how you feel and how these changes are having a positive effect on your health. I am all for using social sites as a healthy network, but if clicking around on Facebook is bringing you down — cut out that habit too.

Tip #5: Get Moving!
"Try setting small, attainable goals and working UP from there. For example: "I will work out for at least 30 minutes, three times this week." Next week add 10 minutes or add an extra day. YOU have to determine what YOUR motivation is and work from there!" — Jenniferleah

Jillian Adds: I am always stressing attainable goals. I'm not advising you to keep your expectations low, but making BIG, overarching goals is just setting yourself up for failure. Set short-term goals that you are confident you can accomplish. Goals are a great way to keep yourself motivated.

Tip #6: Get Support!
"I hired a personal trainer. I hadn't worked out a day in my life before I did. She helped me understand what I was doing right/wrong and has put me on a path of what to do. We meet once every other week or every week. I have to lose 100 pounds and I finally feel empowered to go to the gym." — Kac0175

Jillian Adds: A trainer is a great person to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. I know that a lot of you may not be able to afford a personal trainer, but if you have a subscription to My Fitness app it's essentially having ME as your personal trainer! And, it's more affordable. Another option is sharing a personal trainer session with a friend, you can usually split the price!

Tip #7: Get Cooking!
"I like to make sure my fresh produce is taken care of right away when I get in from shopping. I trim the stems of fresh herbs then wrap them in a paper towel and place in a small glass of water for storage in the fridge. I keep salad greens in a container with a paper towel to keep moisture away from the leaves. I wash all fruit and store for quick on-the-go snack convenience." — Jenniferleah

Jillian Adds: I practice this tip every day! I'm constantly on the go, so I'm always keeping healthy snacks in my purse — like small bags of organic almonds or cherry tomatoes. Planning meals and snacks ahead of time will help you stick to your calorie count. Find a weekend day where you can set aside some time to prepare snacks or meals, that way when your week takes a crazy turn, you can still stick with your healthy diet.

Tip #8: Get Energized!
"Energizing things are those things I put into motion when I'm feeling like crap. So, I've made it a practice, when I notice this happening, to think of three things I know I can do, at that particular time, to feel better. It generally involves activities like taking a shower, putting on clean clothes, having a healthy snack or meal, or spending 15 minutes straightening my apartment. Weather permitting, a brief walk also works. Good music helps. The key is to make it simple and achievable, so that I can break free of the jam I'm in." — Half-Marathon Sue

Jillian Adds: It's so easy to get distracted or bored and turn to food for comfort or entertainment. Half-Marathon Sue offers some great ideas for creating a healthy habit out of a bad one. If you usually hit fast-food joints when you feel like this, spend the time to make a healthy snack. Do anything to keep your mind off of the unhealthy behavior and you'll be less likely to do it.