Exercising at Home

Thu, 02/09/2012 - 09:00

Q: I don't have the equipment you show on the site and can't really afford to go out and buy it. Do you have any suggestions for what I can use instead?

A: Sure — let's get a little creative here. Instead of dumbbells, how about jugs of water, canned goods, candlesticks, or books? Anything that you can grip firmly and securely and that weighs at least 3 to 5 pounds will work.

Also, let's not forget the most obvious tool we have: our own body weight. Think old-school Jane Fonda — yes, it's true that exercise has progressed leaps and bounds since she introduced her workout video in the early eighties, but some of that stuff was great for at-home workouts. Remember all those leg lifts she used to do? Not to mention the crunches, squats, lunges, wall squats, and those wide circular movements she did with her arms that made your shoulders feel like they were on fire.

I hope this opens your mind up a bit, and remember — use your imagination!