A Call to Action

Wed, 02/20/2019 - 21:16

This week was my birthday.  My 45th actually.  And I must admit, I have never felt more blessed.  I usually hate when people say things like that.  “I’m so blessed.”  And you just think ugh… stop.  Some of us are having a hard time over here!

So, maybe elaboration is necessary…I have a beautiful family.  We aren’t perfect… or maybe we are perfectly dysfunctional.  I have a career I love.  It does bring some stress, but doesn’t everyone’s?  My health is good.  I have love in my life.  

I have bad days of course and horrible things do happen to me from time to time just like everyone else, but I have the meaning in my life to push through them.  And as I’ve gotten older I realize how much meaning, purpose, passion, and joy have come into my life when I’m participating or assisting others in some to find love, health, and happiness in theirs.

I have cherished every before and after pic you guys have sent me.  Every run in on the street complete with selfie and transformation tale.  Every hug.  Every handshake.  These moments feed my soul.  Truly.  So thank you – from the bottom of my heart.

And as I was reflecting over the past couple months on how deeply I have been moved and honored to work with others in this way, I began wondering what we might be able to do together to help others also in need… like refugees.  Bet that one caught you off guard right? 

Hear me out on this.  I am a gay woman whose mother is a Jew and whose father was Arab.  Essentially, I’m one big bag of danger in the eyes of the many and in most parts of the world I would likely be killed or tortured for being who I am.  Fortunately for me, I was born in America and given the opportunities that have led me to reap all the blessings I mentioned above.

Refugees are people just like you and me that have been forced out of their homes, countries… their lives… to flee violence, war, or persecution.  The hideous atrocities they face often force them to flee with little more than the clothes on their back and need to turn to others for survival and help.  It’s a global problem.  And half of the refugee population are just children.

I have begun working with the UNHCR, which is the United Nations Refugee Agency.  They are a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for our world’s most vulnerable communities.  Contrary to popular belief their work actually relies on individuals just like you and I to care and get involved – no matter how big or how small the commitment.

They have been gradually and thoroughly educating me on this global crisis and I’d like to invite you to join me to learn more.  No, you don’t have to fork over money you don’t have.  I’m asking you to learn with me and IF you are moved to take action with me there are SO many things we can do to help.  We can donate old things, volunteer, fundraise, and yes… if you have the means you can donate too. 

Together we can give refugees the hope they deserve, restore their dignity and help them rebuild their lives.  To learn more follow my Instagram (in particular the UNCHR highlights) and check out this link www.stepwithrefugees.org.