How to Eat Smart on the Go

Thu, 06/22/2017 - 09:00

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “failing to plan is planning to fail”. And it’s so true, especially when it comes to eating clean. While staying healthy on the go is challenging, if you have a game plan to adhere to and you plan ahead you’ll be able to avoid many of the diet pitfalls that come with eating out and eating on the go.

Stock the mini bar!

Shop for a few groceries wherever you go. That way, you’re never stuck relying on the overpriced junk in the minibar or not-so-great options on the hotel menu.

Pack Snacks!

Granted, not all snacks keep well. You surely can’t take any kind of dairy on vacation, but there are many snacks that will keep well and are far better for you than crappy fast food on the go, or eating whatever you can find when you’re in a hurry. Here are several ideas for you to keep on hand (in your bag, in your car, etc.): Raw or dry roasted nuts, organic Jerky, dried fruit like coconut, apple, or banana chips, a clean protein bar, and so on.

Know your chains.

I often look for national food chains or markets and seek them out whenever I travel. For example, I know I can find healthy food at Le Pain Quotidien and it’s not crazy pricey. When I find myself in a so called food desert where there is definitely a lack of healthy restaurant options, I go for places like Outback and so on where I can at least count on being able to get some protein and veggies if all else fails.

Customize Your Meal.

Here’s one thing you can usually count on-- most restaurants have the typical ingredients: chicken, turkey, steak, fish, vegetables and so on. While these places might cook these foods in unhealthy ways like frying or drowning them in sauce, you can simply ask to have them grilled, baked, broiled, steamed, etc. Get the sauce on the side and so on. You know the drill. And while I know this makes many of you uncomfortable, lie if you need to. This is what I call a good lie, because it hurts no one and helps keep you healthy. Tell them you have IBS and you can’t eat fried food. Tell them you are allergic to something in the sauce. I don’t care what you tell them, but just make sure you get your food cooked the way you want it. It’s your money. You have a right to ask for what you want.

Don’t Forget The Fitness

While eating perfectly is rarely possible, it’s virtually impossible when you are not at home entrenched in your routine. So while all the aforementioned tips will go along way, squeezing in a workout or getting more overall activity will help to offset some of those unwanted calories. Try the hotel gym. Do a workout with an app in your hotel room. Go for a walk and explore you’re new surroundings. And if your schedule is packed, consider using Apple’s Health app and track your steps to keep you motivated to move more!