Meet The Moderators's active community has Moderators and Member Volunteers who work to answer any questions members have about Jillian's program or any tools on the site. Read more about our team below! Moderator: Katie

Admin Katie loves going for walks and hikes with friends. She uses fitness equipment like her treadmill and jump rope to help maintain an active lifestyle. She practices yoga a few times a week and is currently working on mastering a headstand. A slow cooker is her go-to kitchen tool for healthy and delicious meals. She strives to make good choices and have fun with fitness!

Kim Member Volunteer: Kim

Kim is married and lives in Colorado, and loves all that the mountains have to offer, including hiking and photography. She holds numerous health and nutrition certifications and is passionate about helping people. She also enjoys cats, research, cooking, paper arts, playing in the dirt, and motorcycles.

Danielle Member Volunteer: Danielle

Danielle is passionate about everything health and wellness. She is a certified life coach and plans to become certified in nutrition and fitness, with the possibility of furthering her studies in the fields of psychiatry or sociology. She enjoys reading health and wellness books, writing, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.

Lynn Member Volunteer: Lynn

Lynn has her master's degree in human nutrition. she enjoys helping people improve their overall wellness — both physiologically and psychologically. She believes that preventative health is an achievable goal if someone really wants it. An intercollegiate equestrian, Lynn also enjoys reading, hiking, and photography.

Bryanna Member Volunteer: Bryanna

Bryanna enjoys an active lifestyle in the rolling hills of upstate New York. She has recently discovered a passion for the multi-sport disciplines of triathlon. She completed her first sprint distance triathlon July 2012. She's also an AEA Certified Aquatic Fitness Professional and enjoys helping her participants move and groove in the water!

Cynthia Member Volunteer: Cynthia

Cynthia became a member of back in 2009 and became a very active member of the message-board community. Along the way, Cynthia discovered a passion for working out. Before long, she was running regularly, at age 52. Other activities enjoyed by Cynthia include biking, reading, and cooking.

Heather Member Volunteer: Heather

Heather is an avid health and wellness enthusiast whose passion for healthy, active living is rooted in more than 15 years of participation in individual and team sports and athletics. Heather is currently a certified performance enhancement specialist and recently obtained her M.Sc. in performance enhancement and injury prevention. Member Volunteer: Martha

Martha has always been drawn to all things health and fitness. She has an active lifestyle and more than 20 years of experience as a fitness-group leader and even more as a fitness enthusiast. She continues to enrich her knowledge through continuing-education courses. Martha's hobbies include reading and yoga.

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