Ripped in 30

Thanks for purchasing my Ripped in 30 DVD! Are you ready for your sickest, most ripped body in just 30 days? Great, let's do this!
For optimal results and to get in the best shape imaginable, I’m putting you on a strict 30-day meal plan. Sounds tough? Actually, it’s not. In fact, I’ve made it as grab-and-go, easy to follow, and simple to prepare, as possible. And, I’ve also cut most of the cooking down to dinners and a few lunches only. So here’s the deal. There are 10 options for each meal — breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner. The idea is that you can have any meal option on any day. The calories are all pretty equal. (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all around 400 calories; snacks are about 200.) Love one breakfast? Eat it every day. Crave variety? Mix and match the other options however you like. Vegan or Vegetarian? I've got you covered. By popular demand, I've added new recipes just for you!
Since I’m always asked which brands I recommend, the brands I’ve included in this plan are my personal favorites. (The ONLY brand that I have any financial investment in is Popchips.) If, for some reason, you don’t like Popchips, there are many other snack options to choose from.

Ripped in 30 is my toughest DVD workout yet! Do it everyday and follow this 30-day meal plan and you won’t believe the results. You’d better take “before” pictures — because you’re not going to believe your “afters”!

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