6 Tips to Help You Curb Snacking

When it comes to snacks, they can make or break your diet. Snack smart, and you'll keep hunger at bay and fuel your body. Snack wrong, and you can blow hundreds of calories without realizing it. These tips and good snacking habits can keep you smiling on the scale!

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Constant snacking is one of the easiest ways to blow your calorie count for the entire day. Even when you plan out your meals, giving in to those little snacks during the day can take a toll — especially if you aren’t tracking them. Are you guilty of mindlessly grabbing a mini-pastry at your breakfast meeting, a handful of candies from the receptionist’s jar, and then a cupcake at the afternoon birthday celebration for your coworker? Then, buddy, it’s no wonder you aren’t losing weight.

Learning to keep your snacking habits in check can be the difference of saving just a few calories or several hundred a day. I don’t care if it’s a lick, taste, or a chomp, all of those items add up — and when you begin to account for them every day in a food journal, you’ll see just how much! That could be all the difference in calories you need to finally start dropping the pounds.

That said, snacks are an important part of my diet and fitness program though. The key is to learn how to snack responsibly and to plan snacks into your day, not just to eat them on-the-fly.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you feel yourself entering the snacking zone.

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