Jillian Michaels

August 7, 2018

Keeping Fitness Fun & Fresh

Working out doesn’t have to always be work. There are plenty of ways to get your burn on while keeping fitness fun.  And summer is the perfect season to do so.  Whether it’s a pick up game of basketball in the park, a hike outdoors, or a paddle boarding lesson on your beach vacation… there are literally tons of ways to get physical while enjoying life.  

Try something new: Go rock climbing, roller blading, salsa dance at an outdoor hangout. The key is to try an outdoor activity that challenges your body while keeping your mind engaged. 

Get fit with friends and family: Whether it’s a pool party and you get the game of water volleyball going or a bike ride with your kids you can still get a great workout while enjoying quality time with loved ones.

Organized sports: If you enjoy friendly competition, check out sports leagues for adults— everything from softball to basketball— in your neighborhood. Many companies also offer intramural sports teams, so if yours does, join in on the fun. Just remember to keep up the training during the off-season!

Fitness classes: Taking an outdoor fitness class.  So many different parks and community centers offer free yoga or dance classes.  Grab your pals and get your sweat on!

Get wet:  It’s hot and we all want to be at the beach or the pool, so use that to your advantage! You can swim laps of course, but why not go kayaking, take a surfing lesson, go for a paddleboard etc.  Fun is the name of this game!

Take me with you: If you still want more of an ass kicking workout but don’t want to feel couped up in doors check out My Fitness App.  I can personally train in ANY environment along with customized meal plans. Tell me all about you, your goals, fitness level, the equipment you do and don’t have available and I can customize your workout so you get an amazing workout any place, any time, with any or no equipment!