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Working It Out Workbook

Now, it's time to dig deep, get your hands dirty, and do this! Download a complete workbook of all the thought-exercises and assignments, or print them out section by section.

We've all got a purpose. What's yours? If you already know, then great! If you're like most people, then you probably aren't sure. Unfortunately, the answer won't hit you like a lightening bolt one day; it's going to take some introspection on your part to find out. That's right, to achieve your dreams, you'll have to look at where you are, how you got there, and where you truly want to go. Then, you need to combine your skills and attitude with your actions!
Throughout Unlimited are Working It Out sections, filled with Jillian's thought-exercises to help guide you step-by-step through the book — and your journey. They'll help you answer the tough questions, identify your passions, (re)discover your dreams, and understand your emotional hang-ups. Print them, so you fill them out, and carry them with you. Or, if you are a JillianMichaels.com member, click here to go to your members-only password-protected interactive version that you'll find after you've logged into your account (New!) to enter, save, edit, and print your responses. No, it won't be easy — but it will defintely be worth it. Now, are you ready to imagine, believe, and achieve?

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Forget surviving: it’s your time to thrive. In her new book, Unlimited, Jillian shows you how to cultivate your passion and gives you the tools to start living the life of your dreams.
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