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Margaret Moore
Interior Designer

Margaret Moore is a residential interior designer whose firm, MPM Design, is based in Los Angeles, with projects nationwide. Margaret is known for interiors that are both visually sophisticated and comfortable. She is Jillian’s interior designer.

A native of Alabama, Margaret grew up with an interest in health and fitness. She took ballet lessons and gymnastics from a young age and taught aerobics throughout high school and college. In fact, she seriously considered a career in physical fitness until she was introduced to the study of interior design and architecture through an art history course while a student at Vanderbilt University. After one class, she was hooked. She concentrated her fine arts major on the history of architecture and began collecting books on art, architecture, and design. After graduation and a year spent in San Francisco, Margaret moved to Washington, D.C., where she enrolled in the master's degree program in interior design at George Washington University. She focused her studies on interior architecture and interned at Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann, a commercial architecture firm committed to green design. Margaret graduated with honors in 1999 and continued her work in commercial architecture before moving into residential interior design in New York City in 2000.

In New York, Margaret worked for Eve Robinson Associates, a preeminent firm whose modern aesthetic and thorough approach to design appealed to Margaret and underscored her own design sensibilities. She opened MPM Design in 2002 and relocated to Los Angeles in 2004.

Margaret believes that an integral part of healthy living is maintaining an organized, clutter-free, comfortable home, and she is committed to making a happy home for each of her clients. She is concerned about the environment and uses organic fabrics and materials, compact fluorescent lighting, furniture from reclaimed woods, low-VOC and other environmentally sound materials in her projects. She frequently works with other green experts to minimize her projects’ impact on the planet, and as eco-conscious design and the interior design industry as a whole continue to evolve, she investigates the best available products and new concepts to make each of her projects innovative and long lasting.

MPM Design is currently involved in projects in California, Texas, and New York. For more information, and to see some of the firm's work, go to

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