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The Biggest Loser News!
In January, I will be appearing on Season 14 of The Biggest Loser. I'm so excited to share this news with all of you! Watch this video for more detail on the new season!
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Jillian Helped Christina Lose 25* pounds!
"It makes me smile when guys at the gym ask me for advice on toning their abs."
How Jillian helped Christina lose the weight

*Results not typical

Season one of Daily Dose may be over, but you can still catch up on episodes you may have missed. Check out all of Jillian's favorite episodes, and get excited for season two!
The Jillian Michaels ShowThis week, Jillian is discussing how we can learn from our failures — which can ultimately lead to success. Plus, she's sharing behind-the-scenes details of Biggest Loser, Season 14! Subscribe now to listen!

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Jillian's New Workout!
Exclusively at Crunch, JILLIAN MICHAELS BODYSHRED is based on her 3-2-1 interval training approach: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of core, all packed into an intense 30-minute workout. Learn more!
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Jillian's Slim-Down Solution iPad and iPhone apps offer a calorie counter, healthy recipes, exercise videos, motivational tips and so much more. Download it!

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Jillian is EBOOST's newest Chief Energy Officer. EBOOST is an energizing powder, packed with vitamin C, green tea, and folic acid, that's available in four delicious flavors.

Body Revolution Just Released!
Killer Abs will help you banish belly fat and muffin tops — for good! These three, 30-minute workouts will give you fast results. Order a copy today!
Biggest Loser News!
Jillian recently announced she'll be returning to The Biggest Loser for Season 14, premiering in January 2013. Learn more!

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