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Member-created group | 1 members | 0 posts
For the hardworking, volunteering people who work at animal rescues, either as employees or as dedicated volunteers. We try to save cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, wildlife, horses and more every day from illness and neglect, and abandonment. But we neglec

Member-created group | 53 members | 121 posts
Were you born in the 1950's or somewhere in the vicinity? Looking for support and friendship during our weight loss and fitness journey? Welcome to this Group!

Member-created group | 84 members | 110 posts
This is for all those that are working with the 90 day Body Revolution DVD's/Eating program. Share your experiences and advice with others that are tackling the same program as you.

Member-created group | 17 members | 84 posts | Broomfield, CO
Would like to get to know our members who live on the eastern side of the Colorado mountain range. It is always a good thing to have local people to chat and share with as well as the general message boards.  I know there is a Western Slope

117 members | 6223 posts
Want to talk about exercise and healthy eating? You’ve come to the right place! Join the Diet & Fitness group to share your advice, latest accomplishments, and challenges with other Jillian Michaels fans.

2178 members | 7375 posts
Whether you are defining your dreams or fine-tuning them, get advice and support from other group members who are with you every "step" of the way in this journey. Do a little dream weaving or share a motivational moment with others who are acti

15 members | 193 posts
Discuss Jillian's TV ventures past and future!

Member-created group | 11 members | 7 posts
Calling all single moms! This group is for us because we literally do it all and sometimes we need to know that we are not alone. This group is a venue for encouragement and support . It is a place to reach out or just sit back and take it all in. By joi

65 members | 1951 posts
New to the program and using my Slim-Down Solution app to help keep you on track? Awesome! Visit this page for advice and tips from fellow users.

123 members | 1591 posts
Not sure what you want out of life or how to get it? Buddy, this board's for you! Do some soul searching, share your vision board, or post about your passion with other members.

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