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Jillian Michaels Unlimited now has Groups! Each message board has a corresponding Group home page. Here you'll see your Group stats, popular posts, and new members. There will be many more Group features added in the coming months. To join, simply click the “Join This Group” button in the top left corner of the message board page.

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From: guest
To: ALL     Posted: May-09 05:06 PM | (22 of 23)
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Hi All!  To Join A Group- click on the Join This Group button in the upper left.  If you don't see that option, you may already be a member.  To check click on "My Preferences" and scroll down to view "Groups I have joined."

If anyone has a post showing as "guest," do not fear- this is a site issue that will be corrected.

Admin Katie
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From: Admin Katie
To: Admin Richard     Posted: May-20 03:39 PM | (23 of 23)
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Hi Unlimited Members!

Please take a moment to clear your cache.
Next close your browser and reopen the browser before you post.

This will clear errors as well as ensure that the Groups posts and features work properly for you.

To clear your cache on Internet Explorer 8:
1.  Click Tools (Alt-T)-> Internet Options
2.  Under ‘Browsing History’ section click the Delete button
3.  Make sure ‘Temporary Internet Files’ is the only option checked
4. Click the ‘Delete’ button

For other browsers check out that browser’s FAQ, do an online search, or ask here and we’ll help you find the answer!


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