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Rest Days...What Do Yo Do ?...

Tags: rest days, active rest

Jack1948's Avatar
From: Jack1948
To: ALL     Posted: Jan-15 10:35 AM | (1 of 19)

Poll Question: Rest Days...What Do Yo Do ?...

Rest....No Workouts

Rest...with a short routine to break a sweat

Active Rest...work on specific areas moderately one Day

Active Rest...work on specific areas moderately two Days

Don't Take Rest Days

Poll Description:
Is Active Rest a Tool that would be a benefit to the Program....
BLTZHD61's Avatar
From: BLTZHD61
To: Jack1948     Posted: May-15 05:41 PM | (2 of 19)
In reply to this post
I'm following BR, so on my rest day I freestyle swim (moderately) for 40 minutes.
Calorie Counter's Avatar
From: Calorie Counter
To: Jack1948     Posted: Mar-06 05:22 AM | (3 of 19)
In reply to this post
Although I rest from doing the dvd workouts I still do get in my 5-6 mile jog on rest days!
DLPom's Avatar
From: DLPom
To: Jack1948     Posted: Mar-30 07:32 PM | (4 of 19)
In reply to this post

Even though I voted "Rest - No workout," this isn't entirely true.  I do a lot of gardening, some yoga, and often just do a cardio day on my "off day."  Once in awhile I have a completely couch potato day!


ptcjstc1984's Avatar
From: ptcjstc1984
To: Jack1948     Posted: Mar-31 05:16 PM | (5 of 19)
In reply to this post
I'm in maintenance mode right now. I circuit train 2 days a week, do an hour of yoga once a week, and try to get in 2 hours of intensive cardio. My rest days are rest days. If I do something, I'll go on a moderate-paced walk around the neighborhood. I don't do anything that taxes me too much. I mean why call it a rest day if it isn't really? Your body needs time to just chill. I think I've gotten better results taking my rest days than I have skipping out on them. Because if I skip them I get sore and beat down too quickly. That slows me down, I work out at a less intense level, etc.

What I does work for me. I guess different things work for different people.
HollywoodNocturne's Avatar
From: HollywoodNocturne
To: Jack1948     Posted: May-27 06:15 PM | (6 of 19)
In reply to this post
Rest days used to be my favorite days because I didn't feel like I had to do a specific workout: I could do whatever I wanted.  The workouts on other days felt like something I had to "get through" or "get over with".  

So I realized that I'm not an athlete, I'm not training for some olympic competition, I just need to lose weight, and the process shouldn't be as miserable as a bodybuilder feels trying to put on a few inches before a competition.

Now every day is "rest day": I canoe, hike, bike, play with my kids, go swimming...but I've given up "working out", I haven't seen a gym in two years, and I've lost about two pounds.  I know it doesn't seem like much but I have PCOS so just not gaining weight is a battle!
setgoal's Avatar
From: setgoal
To: HollywoodNocturne     Posted: Jul-24 01:36 PM | (7 of 19)
In reply to this post
Rest days are days that I focus on resting my body and my mind. I get up early like I would on my work out days but instead of working out I stretch and meditate and have a leisurely breakfast. All day I focus on nourishing my body, mind and soul. I read uplifting things. I also try to take a hot bath or hit the steam room. It is doing amazing things for my mental state and stress level. I wake up the next day refreshed and ready to work out hard.

I am loving the permission to rest. Before, I would feel the need to do something every single day.
Lwisk's Avatar
From: Lwisk
To: setgoal     Posted: Jul-25 02:53 PM via the Mobile app | (8 of 19)
In reply to this post
Great perspective! I have been thinking about doing yoga on rest days.
SebbysMama's Avatar
From: SebbysMama
To: Lwisk     Posted: Jul-25 07:46 PM via the Mobile app | (9 of 19)
In reply to this post
I go for walks. Push my baby around in the stroller. Or if you have a dog you can take your dog out for a walk. And if you have neither just pop in some headphones and go out on your own. :)
Zellena's Avatar
From: Zellena
To: Jack1948     Posted: Jul-28 04:15 PM | (10 of 19)
In reply to this post
I walk for 30min a basic toneing routine for another 30min. Just enough to sweat.
Chubby Chick 74's Avatar
From: Chubby Chick 74
To: Lwisk     Posted: Aug-20 08:51 AM via the Mobile app | (11 of 19)
In reply to this post
I would have failed miserably the first week if not for yoga. Those muscles need the stretch to avoid pain and it helps me to meditate and prepare for the day. I do my 30 - 60 min of power yoga 5 days a week at 6 am. Then I do a good breakfast and get my circuit in then cool down by walking my dog 40 min. followed by a protein shake. I lost 6 lbs my first week and I ate pretty freely over the weekend with attention to portion. I love this program and I burn 600 -700 cal. before 9 am.
EmilyBends's Avatar
From: EmilyBends
To: Jack1948     Posted: Feb-17 08:35 AM | (12 of 19)
In reply to this post
I usually do a cardio or yoga workout in rest days. I rest from weight training, but I try to get my heart rate up.
Tziona's Avatar
From: Tziona
To: Jack1948     Posted: Jul-30 11:50 AM | (13 of 19)
In reply to this post
Actually, I do housework, run errands.
Admin Katie's Avatar
From: Admin Katie
To: Tziona     Posted: Jul-30 11:56 AM | (14 of 19)
In reply to this post
Good idea, Tziona!

tracejade96's Avatar
From: tracejade96
To: Jack1948     Posted: Sep-11 11:23 AM | (15 of 19)
In reply to this post
On Jillian Michaels 90 day program, so when its time to rest, I usually take it :)
Pillbox's Avatar
From: Pillbox
To: BLTZHD61     Posted: Oct-09 10:41 PM | (16 of 19)
In reply to this post
I found that I dread not doing my workout everyday because the next day I don't feel like excercising at all. But now I think like you I will try swimming to give me the same high after a workout without the jolts to the knees. Thanks for reminding me that I can swim on my rest day.
Pillbox's Avatar
From: Pillbox
To: Chubby Chick 74     Posted: Oct-09 10:45 PM | (17 of 19)
In reply to this post
Wow! I am going to try yoga and stretch before my circuit. Thanks for the tip.
profilechange's Avatar
From: profilechange
To: Jack1948     Posted: Nov-22 11:12 AM | (18 of 19)
In reply to this post
I do yoga on my rest days, usually a 'power', or more active yoga.  I've always worked out every day, so I found it hard to just 'rest'.
Cristydog's Avatar
From: Cristydog
To: Jack1948     Posted: Dec-18 11:15 AM | (19 of 19)
In reply to this post
I have decided rest days might be good.  So I do light to no work out.  Decided it is time to give myself a break and so no gardening or other heavy work.  I am 74 so it is time to take rest days serious.

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