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How To Add a Ticker To Your Posts

Tags: ticker

Admin Katie's Avatar
From: Admin Katie
To: ALL     Edited: Jul-29 10:56 AM | (1 of 13)



First, go to www.tickerfactory.com and follow the step-by-step instructions. That site isn’t affiliated with us, so I can’t offer support for anything on their site.


When you’ve created your ticker, look for the box marked “HTML.” It should be the middle box, between “bbCode” and “ezCode.” Ignore the other boxes. Highlight all of the text in that box and copy it by either clicking the CONTROL [CRTL] and C buttons at the same time, or by right-clicking on your mouse and choosing “Copy.”


Before leaving the TickerFactory site, bookmark the page, in case you need to return to it. 


Go back to the message board and look on the bottom of the left-hand navigation links. Find where it says “My Preferences” and click on it.


A pop-up window that says “My Preferences” should have come up. Is that what you see?


  • (IF NO) You might have a pop-up blocker that’s preventing you from seeing this window. Can you disable your pop-up blocker so that you can set up your ticker?
  • (IF YES) Look for the link near the top marked “Edit Your Signature.”

Click on the third (right-most) box beneath the words “Insert Item.” Paste the ticker code into the blank field beneath that. Make sure your cursor is showing up inside that section, and either click the CONTROL and V buttons at the same time or right-click on your mouse and choose “Paste.”


After pasting, click on that same right-most box beneath the words “Insert Item” again. Do you see your ticker in the box?


  • (IF NO) Okay. Delete anything in the box and start again by clicking on the circle next to the word “Source.” (START AGAIN WITH “PASTE THE TICKER” PARAGRAPH)
  • (IF YES) Great. Click on the “Save” button at the bottom. Click on the “Return to My Preferences” link near the top of the screen. On the resultant screen, make sure there’s a check mark in the “Show Signatures” box. Your ticker should now show up in your posts. You can close this window.

If you try to post and don’t see your ticker, you might just have to log out and log back in to make sure your updates go into effect.


In the future, if you want to update your ticker information, just go to any post you’ve made on the boards and click on your ticker. That will automatically take you back to the TickerFactory page where you can update your ticker. Once you change your info, it will automatically change all of your tickers from then on. You won’t need to change it on our Web site.

mbeacho's Avatar
From: mbeacho
To: Admin Katie     Posted: Nov-15 05:48 PM via the iPhone app | (2 of 13)
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loubouyon's Avatar
From: loubouyon
To: Admin Katie     Posted: Dec-01 02:26 PM via the iPhone app | (3 of 13)
In reply to this post
Thank you
jjnewboots's Avatar
From: jjnewboots
To: Admin Katie     Posted: Feb-14 12:24 PM | (4 of 13)
In reply to this post
I have copied and pasted a few times and still doesn't work.  It just shows my code as the signature.  any suggestions?
Dayle's Avatar
From: Dayle
To: Admin Katie     Posted: Jul-05 12:51 PM | (5 of 13)
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SunnyDay2012's Avatar
From: SunnyDay2012
To: ALL     Edited: Jul-05 10:00 PM | (6 of 13)
In reply to this post

The box that opens up when you push the " edit HTML Code" button is very long and is divided into two sections. Go to the second section and enter the code. Then come back up and push the "edit HTML Code"   BAM  your ticker will be there.

This took me quite a while to figure out.... :/

healthychange's Avatar
From: healthychange
To: SunnyDay2012     Posted: Jan-03 05:07 PM | (7 of 13)
In reply to this post
Thank you.
healthychange's Avatar
From: healthychange
To: healthychange     Posted: Jan-03 05:21 PM | (8 of 13)
In reply to this post
Doesn't want to work for me, will try again later......
StayAtHomeVet's Avatar
From: StayAtHomeVet
To: Admin Katie     Posted: Jan-15 05:59 PM | (9 of 13)
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Paloma2014's Avatar
From: Paloma2014
To: Admin Katie     Posted: Jan-25 11:08 PM | (10 of 13)
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SunnyDay2012's Avatar
From: SunnyDay2012
To: StayAtHomeVet     Posted: Jan-26 07:50 AM | (11 of 13)
In reply to this post
Dwayne and Paloma 

Welcome to JM
mzrobertz's Avatar
From: mzrobertz
To: Admin Katie     Posted: Mar-25 07:39 PM via the Mobile app | (12 of 13)
In reply to this post
I'm sorry I clueless. What's a ticker? And why do I need one?
Admin Katie's Avatar
From: Admin Katie
To: mzrobertz     Posted: Mar-27 09:52 AM | (13 of 13)
In reply to this post
Hi mzrobertz,

A ticker shows a countdown. Many people use them for weight-loss, but sometimes they're used for things like a pregnancy or vacation countdown. It is not a requirement. Just a fun way to countdown to a goal! 

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