Rebecca, Ohio

After spending her life overweight, Rebecca followed Jillian's plan and lost 53 pounds* — and now people can't believe she was ever overweight!





Weight Lost:

53 lbs.

New Weight:

Goal Weight

Major Motivation:

"I love looking forward to exercising. I love wearing clothes that fit me perfectly. Most of all, I love my new outlook on life!"

I was always an overweight child, maintaining a size 12 throughout my teen years, and then putting on 50 pounds when I went away to college. For the next 11 years, I was a yo-yo dieter; I never knew how to eat right or exercise. While I tried many different approaches, none of them were designed to create a new lifestyle — they were all gimmicks for temporary weight loss. I finally decided it was time to try something to lose weight, so I began walking every day. At the time I had no idea I was about to discover Jillian’s program, or that it would change my life.

My sister Beth, also my walking buddy, discovered Jillian’s Web site after seeing The Biggest Loser. We had started a walking routine together, and after checking out the site, Beth thought we should add Jillian’s circuit training to our program. I tried it once and I was hooked — we started Jillian’s workout routine that week. I loved following Jillian’s workouts because they exercise every muscle group with a challenging mix of cardio and weights for a greater calorie burn. Best of all, you can do the workouts at home — my sister and I managed to do the circuits in a tiny bedroom crowded by a king-size bed!

Once I started circuit training, I followed the workout routine very strictly. I did four days a week of circuits and one day of cardio, and then added additional cardio on my rest days once I progressed physically. I substitute Jillian’s DVDs for cardio when it’s raining or too cold outside, but I’ve found that circuit training is my favorite type of activity — much more rewarding than straight cardio!

In addition to exercising, I’ve stuck to the daily calorie intake the site calculated for me (1200-1400) and now incorporate many of Jillian’s recipes with my own. I keep a daily log of my exercise and calorie consumption. This log has kept me motivated to stick with the program as I’ve watched successful days turn into successful weeks turn into successful months!

After suffering through years of failed get-thin-quick diets, I love Jillian’s approach to health and wellness. She teaches that we are all strong enough to have everything we want in life, and her straightforward approach helped me realize that if I do the work, I will lose the weight the healthy way — and keep it off. This program has given me the strength to say I can do anything. I feel prepared to take on anything, physically as well as emotionally, and importantly, I now know how to deal with my emotions without turning to food.

Jillian’s Web site is a great motivational tool and has helped me learn and stick with Jillian’s weight-loss methods. I look forward to logging my weight on the site every week — seeing it go down makes me want to keep going! I use all the site’s tools to learn the exercise moves, count calories, and cook healthfully. The Message Boards opened my eyes and helped me realize I was not alone and that others were struggling with the same things.

Now, 53 pounds later, I love so many things about the new me! I love looking forward to exercising every day. I love waking up energized and ready to go every morning. I love wearing clothes that fit me perfectly and make me feel good. And I love feeling strong and confident. Most of all, I love my new outlook on life, and I look forward to reaching all my goals — even the ones I don’t know about yet!

This program has given me the tools I need to live life to the fullest. I no longer shy away from going out with others, and I continue to set new goals for myself in all areas of my life. I no longer sit on the couch, lazy, watching life pass me by — I feel ready to take on my wildest dreams!

Activities now: When I first started losing weight, I just wanted to lose the fat. As I got closer to my goal weight, I realized I wanted to have muscle definition, so I increased my intensity during circuit training and upped my weights a bit. Jillian’s circuits gave me that cut look I was striving for, and by no means made me bulky. I still follow Jillian’s workouts — circuit training paired with cardio — and use her DVDs. But my cardio has improved: I can now run 5-plus miles with ease — and enjoy it! Throughout my weight-loss journey, support from the Web site helped me so much; I plan on being a lifelong member of!

Best compliment: One of the most meaningful compliments I’ve received was when someone said, “There’s no way you’ve ever been overweight — you’re so fit!” That made me realize people don’t see the old me anymore!

Advice for others: This program has changed my life because it is not a diet. It helped me build a new lifestyle that does not revolve around food. Instead, I find happiness in my new, active life. Some keys to my success include:

  • Staying involved with the Message Boards on the Web site. I identified with others and forged friendships that kept me on the right path; that support and advice is priceless.
  • Having a workout buddy (my sis!). My sister held me accountable so I couldn’t skip a workout.
  • Building a support system of people close to me. My boyfriend fully supported my lifestyle change, and it helped to have him cheering me on.

Most important, never give up! Your journey begins today and continues for the rest of your life. This is not just about weight loss — it’s about discovering the person you want to be and making all your dreams come true. Stay the course and you will see your body and mind change in ways you never knew were possible!

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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