Kate, Australia

Jillian's program helped Kate discover her inner strength and confidence — and drop an amazing 80 pounds!*





Weight Lost:

80 lbs.

New Weight:

Goal Weight

Major Motivation:

"I have so much more energy now! I can stand up at work for all day and still have the energy to do a workout."

I was always big for my age as a child and well aware of my weight, even before I started high school. Looking back now, I may not actually have been overweight, but I felt big. Most of the real weight came on after high school. I had access to all sorts of bad food, especially when I was out with friends. Weekends filled with junk food and alcohol really contributed to my weight gain.

I lost some weight about four years ago but then slipped right back into old habits. I made many attempts to lose weight, but I always ended up back where I started. In December 2005, someone close to me told me they didn't believe I could ever lose the weight. I realized then that I had to do something, even just to prove them wrong. I'm doing this for me now, but the thought of proving everyone wrong still spurs me on if I ever feel like giving up.

When The Biggest Loser appeared on television, it proved to be all the motivation I needed to get moving for real — and stay moving when in the past I would have given up. After watching Jillian work with the contestants on the show, I thought her program looked like something I could do. Not only did I want to shed the excess pounds, I wanted to become fit, healthy, and strong. I could always see through the gimmicks of other weight-loss plans and was really struggling to find something I truly believed I could stick with. I bought Jillian's book, and her kick-butt, no-bull philosophy was just what I needed.

After following Jillian's book for ten weeks, I came across her Web site. I signed up immediately and have never turned back. I was losing a steady amount per week before, but I found that my average weekly weight loss increased significantly with the Web site. I've not yet set foot in a gym or been to see a personal trainer. These things may help, but you can definitely do this program in its entirety from the privacy of your own home!

I do go through phases of doing the bare minimum, and other times I probably do double the amount of exercise I have to do. But I've found that doing just the set workouts is enough to lose weight. I'm religious about getting in the four sessions of resistance training every week and have found I quite enjoy the cardio session at the end of the week. The challenge is to keep it fresh — not only to trick your body but also to keep yourself interested. As soon as I get bored with one activity, I move on to something else. I recently began jogging, which is something I thought I would never be able to do. Something in my head always said "I can't." Those words are not even part of my vocabulary now! The things I struggle with today, I know I will be able to do in the future if I work hard enough.

I have so much more energy than I had just months ago. I can stand up at work for eight hours and still have the energy to do a workout. I am no longer the girl lounging around in her room watching DVDs. I have faith in my ability to carry myself through social situations, and I no longer dread invitations. The newfound sense of confidence has also helped me tremendously at work. I stick up for myself instead of letting people walk all over me.

I received my best compliment when I was at work, wearing the shirt with the little sleeves I have always hated having to wear. A customer I had never seen before came up and said I looked very fit and muscular. Coming from a complete stranger, that meant a lot!

I am finally beginning to see myself for the person I am — the REAL me. The me that isn't hiding behind her weight, too shy to come forward. I now have the confidence to do whatever I want to do. This stronger, happier, more confident person that is emerging as the pounds are shed is someone I am starting to like very much. I feel as if I am being set free — and the whole world is out there for me.

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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