Karen, Australia

With Jillian's no-nonsense approach to weight loss, and the support of Karen's friends on the Web site, Karen lost an incredible 94 pounds!*





Weight Lost:

94 lbs.

New Weight:

Goal Weight

Major Motivation:

"The changes I've made are a part of my everyday life. I know that life will throw me curveballs, but I am stronger in mind, body, and spirit."

I've been overweight all my life. I started as a chubby child, progressed to an overweight teen, and from there it was a downward spiral into my adult life. The more weight I put on, the more I hated myself and wanted to push the world away from me. Eventually, I hit rock bottom and withdrew even from my family and friends.

In February 2006, I saw an episode of The Biggest Loser for the first time. I watched Jillian talking with contestants, getting right to the point about why they were overweight. She was compassionate and caring, and I saw myself in the contestants' responses. Watching Jillian work with them, I realized that weight loss was about more than just physical activity — and that was the glimmer of hope that I needed!

I watched a few more episodes of the show and felt that the approach Jillian took to weight loss made total sense. I went out and bought her book Winning by Losing and began to read. Jillian's triple-threat approach to total health (self, science, and sweat) was just so simple! It was a straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense means to achieve weight loss and a healthier life. Jillian tells it like it is — and though I may not have wanted to face the facts, I needed to hear them.

I simply did everything Jillian recommended in her book. I let go of my past. I distanced myself from the people who were not a healthy influence in my life. I set my goals and rewards, removed all the unhealthy foods from my house, and recruited a training buddy. Instead of masking my emotions with food, I used them to fuel my workouts. I ran off my anger and hurt and worked harder than ever during my circuits. I actually looked forward to my workouts every day! They were simple to follow, and at the end of each workout I felt so empowered! Before I knew it, I was off and running on my journey to a new life.

Losing weight is such a personal journey, and having other people to talk to who were going through the same emotions was something I needed. Joining the online program was a way for me to find additional support. Here I could talk with people who were in similar situations, get my weekly workouts, and ask questions if I needed to. I not only used the site for support but also celebrated my achievements and successes with fellow members. I found that reading about the successes of other members was motivating — if it was possible for them, it was possible for me.

Everything I needed was at my fingertips. I finally felt I was in charge of my own destiny, and now I'm 94 pounds lighter! I know maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a journey, and it will not end when I hit the magic number of my goal weight. The changes I've made are now a part of my everyday life. I know that life will throw me some curveballs, but knowing I am stronger in mind, body, and spirit helps me know I'll be able to deal with them without using food.

I am more active and sociable than I have ever been. I will put myself into situations that I would never have dreamed of before losing the weight! My motto now is "Never be afraid to live life." It reminds me to refocus so I can continue to move forward on my journey.

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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