Jason, Canada

When Jason weighed 330 pounds*, he gave up on things he loved, like his favorite sport, ice hockey. His weight slowed him down from competing at the level he knew he could. Now one year later and 120 pounds lighter, Jason is back on the ice again — feeling much lighter on his feet!





Weight Lost:

120 lbs.

New Weight:

210 lbs.

Major Motivation:

"I am playing hockey again at last, and people actually WANT me on their team."

Finding Comfort in Food

Since early childhood, I can remember never being hungry, but eating anyway — just because the food was there. I had terrible eating habits that just got worse as I got older. I let them get in the way of my future goals. In high school, I played ice hockey and other sports like baseball, lacrosse, and golf at elite levels, and was actually pretty good, but my weight slowed me down from competing at a higher level. I was discouraged and quit the sports I loved when I began college… and that’s when the real weight came on.

Ready to Make a Change

During my four years at university, I was completely physically inactive and ate whatever I wanted — which was usually a lot of unhealthy food. By the time graduation rolled around, I had gained 100 pounds. This was my breaking point. When I accepted my first teaching job, I knew I had to make a drastic change.

I began an insane two-a-day workout plan combined with a very strict diet. The plan worked, and I lost over 167 pounds, but this diet/fitness routine lacked one crucial element — maintenance. When I stopped focusing on the workouts and the diet, the weight slowly crept back on. Anxious to get back on track, I tried ANOTHER quick fix, a protein-rich diet with exercise. When I was sick of the diet and started eating regularly again, the weight piled on faster than ever before.

Jason Gets With the Program

Finally, in October 2010, I found a plan that would finally work and joined JillianMichaels.com. My family encouraged me to join the program and supported me every step of the way. From the very beginning, I was hooked. I found daily motivation from the newsletters and reading the success stories on the site. I loved trying all of the new recipes on JillianMichaels.com, and logged my food every day, focusing on calories in and calories out. Jillian’s workouts are great because you don’t need to join a gym to perform them. I would workout at home every morning — and never got bored. I am always excited to see what Jillian has in store for me! I’m so proud to report that I started on JillianMichaels.com at the beginner fitness level and I’ve just begun the advanced workout program! I lost an average of two pounds a week, though I’d have big weeks where I’d lose about 8 pounds. I was able to reach my goal weight in 200 days and I am now coming to my one-year anniversary of keeping the weight (all 120 pounds of it!) off.

Reclaiming His Life

I love everything about my new size! I love being able to shop in any store — I can finally fit into clothes I’ve always dreamed of wearing. I am playing hockey again at last, and people actually WANT me on their team. I have also started teaching physical education in addition to my other courses, and I love hearing students tell me that I’m an inspiration.

Stick With the Program

The advice I want to share with new members is to focus on balance, and keep close track of your calories in and calories out. You have to know that Monday will never come. You need to make the change to be a better you TODAY! You must hold yourself accountable for your actions and your future. I have inspired my wife and two children to start living healthier and many of my friends and family have joined JillianMIchaels.com after seeing my success! This website is a great tool that I will continue to use for the rest of my life!

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Want some extra TLC?

Working out is great, but if you really want results — you need daily support, motivation, and a personalized plan to keep you on track. Join Jillian and get everything you need!

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