Gina, California

After seeing an unflattering photo of herself from her son's wedding, Gina vowed to be a healthier version of herself for the next family wedding. Here's how she did it!





Weight Lost:

55 lbs.

New Weight:

133 lbs.

Major Motivation:

"In two months, I went down two whole sizes! Today, I am wearing a size 6 pant, when I used to wear a size 14/16!"

Time to Make a Change

I have always been relatively thin. Even after having five kids, I weighed 120 pounds! But at 38 years old, I had a full hysterectomy and, at age 42, I had my thyroid removed. After these operations, the weight just kept piling on. I tried not to think about it, until last Christmas when my son gave me a framed photo of the whole family at his wedding. I couldn’t believe how fat I looked! A few days after this, another one of my sons became engaged. I made a promise to myself that I was going to lose the weight and look amazing at his wedding.

Losing the Weight

My husband and I love watching Jillian on The Biggest Loser, so joining her program was a no brainer. I liked that the program focused on a lifestyle change — it was more about learning how to cook and eat differently. Other programs out there do the work for you, but with Jillian, you are making the changes on your own. Since I no longer have my thyroid, I wanted to consult a nutritionist — and found one right on Jillian’s website by visiting her Personal Coaching page. Throughout my weight-loss journey, I worked with a nutritionist and diet coach, who gave me great advice and guidance. They helped me realize that I needed to burn more calories than the average person because I do not have a thyroid, so I started to closely track how many calories I was burning on a daily basis. Even just that bit of information was super helpful. I also tried to stay under my personal daily calorie limit of 1,200.

I lost an average of 3 pounds a week. I was constantly using the calorie counter and the recipe/food search — there were so many options, I never ran out of ideas for meals. The lemon chicken was one of my favorites! I was also in the app every day and found the Food & Fitness Journal very easy to use on the go. The workouts were tough, but I got through them. Any time I felt like giving up, I remembered how ugly I felt when I saw the picture of me from my son’s wedding — and that vision kept me motivated. The community also had a lot of great tips that helped to keep me focused along the way.

Life Today

In two months, I went down two whole sizes! Today, I am wearing a size 6 pant, when I used to wear a size 14/16. I feel like a new person! In my current job, I need to use the stairs a lot and before my legs used to feel like they weighed 100 pounds each. Now, I can run up six flights of stairs without being out of breath. I love exercising and reading food labels. I only keep non-processed, healthy foods in the house. My husband decided to go on this weight-loss journey with me and he helped to keep me motivated throughout it all. It was great to have a companion. He has now lost 65 pounds too!

Weight-Loss Milestones: “My daughter-in-law was picking me up from the airport recently and was looking for me at the curb — but couldn’t tell if it was me because I looked so different!”

Best Advice: “Be selfish! Take the time you need to get healthy. So many of us have kids/families and we put family first and ourselves last. Move yourself up on that list! Your family will become your biggest supporters!”

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

The Regimen


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