SHAPE Up with Jillian!

Learn more about the Summer SHAPE Up event Jillian will be hosting on June 15!

Do you want to work out with Jillian? Now, here's your chance! She's hosting the Summer SHAPE Up event in Hermosa Beach, Calif. on June 15 with SHAPE magazine. This killer day will kick off early at 8 a.m. — you can sign up for one of three classes taught on the beach: Bikini Bootcamp, Kickbox, Booty & Core, or Morning Stretch, a Vinyasa-based yoga class. There are more classes following at 9 and 10 a.m. — whatever workout you're in the mood for, we have you covered — promise! At 11 a.m., Jillian will lead a master class called, the Hard Body workout, based on her DVD, Hard Body. Her hour-long workout will make you feel the burn! If you still have energy afterwards, there are three classes at 12 p.m. (Beach Bum, Ultimate Beach Workout, and Sexy Abs) and three more at 1 p.m. (Sweat in the Sand, Rock Your Core, and Mega MetCon). The final workout of the day is a Cardio Kickboxing class at 2 p.m. that you won't want to miss! Plus, there will be an awesome after party too!

Wondering who will be teaching these hard-core classes? Jillian personally selected four talented trainers because 1. They are her friends 2. They are the best in the biz! Hands down. Make sure you don't miss the chance to attend any of the badass workouts from Jillian's crew. It's a la carte sign up, so you can pick and choose which workouts you want to attend. Better yet — try to catch at least one workout from each of them if there is still availability. So who's who? Meet Jillian's trainer friends below:

Andrea Orbeck: With a nickname like "The Muscle Whisperer," she's got to be good, right? Just ask Heidi Klum, who Orbeck has trained through many of her pregnancies. Be sure to check out Orbeck's killer Beach Bum, Burn & Firm, and Sweat on the Sand classes.

Jeanette Jenkins: If you saw singer Kelly Rowland's rockin' body at the 2013 Grammy Awards, you've seen Jenkins' work. She calls herself the "Hollywood Trainer" — and she has the celebrity clientele (think: P!nk, Alicia Keys, and more) to prove it. Check out her Bikini Bootcamp, Cardio Kickboxing, Power Yoga, Sexy Abs classes.

Natalie Yco and Kenta Seki: These two super stars rock — you will probably recognize them from the background of my Body Revolution 90-day DVD program and a few of my other popular DVDs. (You know I only choose the best of the best!) Natalie is well known in LA for her high-intensity kickboxing classes. Kenta has been practicing yoga since he was 9, and has taught thousands of classes and personal clients. You are in for some really hardcore workouts with them. Get ready!

Classes are filling up fast and some events are already sold out. Visit the Summer SHAPE Up site for the latest information, updates and to register for the event NOW!

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