5 Tough Love Mottos to Live By

Jillian's no-nonsense approach to health and happiness has helped thousands of people transform their lives for the better. Check out these five tough-love techniques, take a look in the mirror, and then commit to changing your life – for good.

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Commit To Change, Then Do It!

Trust me, I know it's not easy to get this healthy lifestyle thing down! The truth is that it takes serious, conscious effort, and the sooner you embrace that fact, the better. Wishing it was easy will only leave you feeling frustrated and stuck in old habits time and time again. As the saying goes, the best things in life aren't easy and don't happen without a bit of struggle, trial and error and hard work. A willingness to face challenges head-on and work through them will allow you to be proactive in reaching your goals. Change — even positive change — can be scary, but it's time to get on board with it. Accepting – not fighting – the process to unleash your best, happiest self is key to starting off on a good foot!

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