The 8 Worst Summer Beverages

Trying to lose weight? The surest way to ruin a healthy day of eating is to drink your calories away! It's easier than you think - especially if you're drinking one of these eight bad-news beverages.

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I'm kicking off this slideshow with one of the worst offenders: a frozen margarita. This popular summer beverage can have up to 700 calories — and that's just one drink. Even if you order a margarita on the rocks instead of frozen, it's still about 300 calories. Plus, if you're picking one of those tooty-fruity flavors, it's filled with syrup and probably contains more sugar than you should consume in an entire day. Also, when you factor in the salt-rimmed glass, the sodium levels of this cocktail skyrocket! Don't let the cute glass fool you, this drink is just plain bad for you.

Healthy Alternative: Check out this video of a few of my favorite "skinny" drink alternatives. Try my Spicy Margarita or enjoy tequila, lime, and club soda on the rocks.

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