Stop Food-Pushers For Good

Many people struggle with this common problem — their moms, dads, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives always push food on them. I tell them exactly what I'm telling you: Acknowledge these behaviors. Recognize the problems, sit the people in question down, and let them know that you are trying to lose weight and be healthy. Tell them how they can help and support you. Chances are they'll want to help and will be willing to learn new recipes so that they can cook for you without threatening your health and happiness.

We count on the people closest to us to support us through thick and thin. The fact that a loved one may be sabotaging your efforts to get in shape, whether they are conscious of their behavior or not, can be tough to swallow and address. Take a good look at your current significant relationships to see how they affect your life both on a day-to-day level and on a larger scale. Is anyone in your circle a food-pusher?

Sure, it seems innocent enough. These people may not realize what they are doing, or they may think they are doing it out of love. The bottom line is that their way of loving you is through food. It's time to stop it for good.

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