Make Being Healthy a Family Affair

Learn how to get your kids involved in your new healthy lifestyle!

Being a parent can be exhausting — you’re constantly on the run and rarely have time for yourself! Putting yourself — and your health first — can be difficult, but if you follow these tips, fitting in your three or four workouts each week will happen with ease. In addition, you’ll be great role models and support for each other.

Exercise Together
If you have younger kids, bring them on your workouts. Put them in a jogging stroller and go for a run or strap them into a sidecar and go for a bike ride. I’ve managed to do this at least once a week with my daughter, Lu, or son, Phoenix, and I get a great workout in — and they love it! You’re setting a great example for your kids at a young age by working out regularly.

Get Into Sports
If you have older kids, play their favorite sports with them. Start a pick-up game of basketball on a Saturday, throw around a football — whatever they like! On the other hand, if your kids are not into sports yet, encourage them to join a team (school or club) by becoming a coach. Running down the sidelines during a game counts as exercise too! Supporting them in their efforts and making it fun will help them think of fitness in a positive way.

Trade Off With Your Spouse
So what should you do when you want to work out without the kids? If you have a significant other, alternate watching the kids. If you want to go to yoga Saturday morning, ask your spouse to watch the kids, and then offer to watch them in the afternoon so your spouse can go for a run. If you don’t have a significant other, try a friend who may be in the same situation and you can trade off a couple of times a week. Another option is to look for a gym that offers babysitting services or enroll your kids in a class they enjoy at the same time within the same facility, such as at your local YMCA.

Bring Your Workout Indoors
Now that I have kids, I really, truly understand the value of workout DVDs. I have to confess, I never actually did my DVDs until Phoenix and Lukensia came into my life. Crazy, right? They are a great resource — you can do them in the comfort of your own home and get your kids involved! Sure, they may sit there and laugh at you, but they might be interested to try a few of the moves as well. It’s worth a shot.

Practice What You Preach
I want to share this quote from one of my members , Kaje2424, below she shares how she is getting her daughter interested in living a healthy lifestyle:

"I've had really good luck teaching my child to lead an "active life" and what all that entails. Of course, most 5-year-olds have way more energy than they need, but it really seems to help build healthy habits by making sure they get enough exercise every day, don't spend too much time in front of the TV (it's earned, not expected) and join regular after-school clubs, sports, etc. I also get her involved in recycling efforts and charitable programs so she can really learn to appreciate what we have! I figure that the best chance I have is leading by example and making sure she sees her own mom as a strong, fit, well-rounded person!”

I think the main take away here is to lead by example. Make being active and healthy a regular part of your everyday life – even when you’re on vacation. Don’t let your kids watch hours and hours of television, help them get moving by joining in on the activity — indoors or outdoors, and remember to have fun with it!

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