Do the Work!

I love when I see people getting excited about doing the work that will help them reach their goals! Most people have no real concept of how strong they are or what their potential is. My workouts are tough because I know you're strong enough to do them! (And of course, because they have to be to work!) I set out to kick your butt, knowing that you'll only get stronger — and the stronger you get physically, the stronger you will become in every other way. Here's what one member has to say on my Message Boards about doing my program's hard work.

"I've lost 37 pounds so far, and have 73 more to go...and yeah, sometimes it CAN be like, 'UGH!!!! How much LONGER do I have to count calories, use measuring cups for my food, and work out twice a day and work out HARDER ('cause it takes more work to burn the same number of calories when you're lighter...DARNED physics!!!) and REALLY, why does 2 minutes of jumping jacks during circuits seem like an ETERNITY?'

But...the number one question to ask...IS IT WORTH IT to keep going...?

That is only an answer YOU can give, because if you don't remember why it's worth it...well, kinda hard to be motivated for something not worth it :) I'll also tell you that I'm pretty darn sure YOU ARE worth it, but that's all that mental work (yes, the mental stuff is the hardest for me...sigh.) You just have to convince YOURSELF that you are and remember why calories in (food)/calories out (workin' out) is only 2/3 of the equation. You've gotta get that other third workin' :)

List all the reasons WHY you want to be at your goal weight...and go wild here. The smallest, most minute, selfish, vain things imaginable are totally allowed! Take several copies on several index cards and keep them with you. Read them when stopped in traffic, in the morning, when you're about to eat half a cheesecake, when you just don't want to work out.

Also, start going out of your comfort zone with exercise stuff. Do something different even if you think you'll hate it — TRY IT!!!! You might be surprised :) Get involved in group stuff, join a class, a walking group, drag a buddy into doing something physical with you and start hanging out with people that are like what YOU want to be like (something I've just discovered...that my mom WAS are who you hang with.) So if you hang with people not interested in the things you are trying to be interested in, it's time to expand your circle to fit in people that are all about health and nutrition and exercises and all that good stuff."

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